China Joy 2021 - What Do You Want to See

China Joy 2021 What You Want To See From Queen Studios

China Joy is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in Asia. This year it will be taking place in Shanghai New International Expo Center in Shanghai, China. The 2021 exhibit will start July 30th and end August 2nd. Over these 4 days, China Joy will be the temporary home to some of Asia, and the world's most talented industry specialists.


China Joy 2021 Queen Studios

Well, unfortunately Queen Studios cannot announce what will be released at China Joy. But if you were on the fence on whether you would be cancelling your weekend plans to join us online, then we recommend you do so now! It's going to be an incredible weekend.


Queen Studios Wonder Festival 2021

In June the QS team were in Shanghai for Wonder Festival 2021. On the run up to the show, the team released a tonne of teasers and held some online activities to make everything as interactive as possible for overseas collectors. If you missed it, make sure you check out the Wonder Festival recap post to see some incredible highlights. 

As some of you keen eyed collectors noticed from the build up to Wonder Festival, we made some announcements for some collectibles that didn't actually make it to the show.

With a bit of detective work, you might be able to spot a couple of collectables from our announcements that didn't get released. This could mean that if you're looking for a preview scoop for China Joy. Get out your Bat Cowls and start piecing together the clues from our social media posts in June, as there's every chance they could make it this time around!


What the fans Want 2021

Earlier this year we got a lot of comments about what you guys would like to see from the Queen Studios team and in what scale.

To answer some of these questions and gather your thoughts, we put together the "What The Fans Want" post. This post collected all this data and shortlisted the top five of the most requested statues and busts. Which you can find here. Since then, we have made quite a few releases and announcements and we're still receiving requests. So, here is a quick overview of what these fans want to see in the future, and hopefully at this year’s China Joy.


The Dark Knight Queen Studios China Joy 2021

Some of you have clocked on to our current Dark Knight releases and have speculated a possible collection. So far, there has been a strong focus on 1/1 busts and 1/3 statues. But the 1/4 and 1/6 scales could become a strong series in the near future. Speaking solely out of speculation. This would mean a possible 1/4 scale Bane, opening up to the possibility of Two Face and Scarecrow later down the line. With the 1/6 Catwoman planned, could there also be a 1/6 Batman and Joker? That would be pretty awesome and we're hoping to take at least one of these to the show pending licensor approval of course.


Black Widdow

Merciless, resourceful, and extremely talented, Natasha Romanoff, or Black Widow instils terror into the hearts of her enemies. She's not just an assassin, she is one of our fans most sought out collectables.Though once evil, her natural heroism allowed her to conquer her dark past and defect to a life of redemption. Natasha Romanoff was born in the Soviet Union as Natalia Alianovna Romanova. As a child she was sought out by the Red Room academy as she possessed genetic potential, subsequently being purchased from her family. At the academy she was brainwashed and trained into the world of assassination and intelligence, crafting her into one of the worlds greatest assassins. No wonder why you guys want her in your collection.

It's no secret that the Queen Studios team have been working on a Black Widdow collectible, but whether or not she'll be making a debut at this years China Joy is still depends on the development progress. Fingers Crossed!


Wanda Scarlett Witch

In our ‘What the Fans Want’ post, we saw another popular character from the MCU make her way on to the list. Since WandaVision hit Disney+ earlier this year, there's been a lot of love for the Scarlet Witch. Since we shared s few easter eggs and teasers hinting at a possible statue, the requests for more info have been pouring in. As it stands, we can't deffinitively say if she'll be making it to the show, but right now, we're looking at a small chance she could! 


Fans Week 2021 China Joy

Unfortunately, because of the current Covid-19 pandemic it is close to impossible to get to Shanghai for anyone outside of China. Unless you live here, work here or study here, you will not be allowed to attend. During Wonder Festival, we tried everything we could to bring the show to you with our first annual Fans Week. The week included giveaways, activities and online shows culminating in some incredible pre-orders. 

For China Joy, we have you covered yet again! For all those with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. Head to our page on the final weekend of July and we will be exhibiting a preview show and a review show. Then we will be sharing images, video and answering questions in our Facebook group all weekend. Keeping everyone in the know.

In the next week or so we'll be sharing updates on social media, and some exclusives by email. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter. If you're not, subscribe on the button below.



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