The points will be counted automatically once we’ve launched our Rewards System.

Yep, don’t worry, we will go through the order lists for customers that sign-up for to the program and we will add points from your previous order.

We’re delighted to offer points for customers who have pre-ordered Queen Studios collectibles directly from the Queen Studios store.

For collectors that order from our partners in other regions, we are working on a way to add points for your orders placed with them. You can still sign-up to the rewards program now and earn points, but points for purchases will be added at a later date.

Sure! We’ll be sharing more information soon on how to claim your points if you ordered from another store.

There are plenty of ways you can earn points. For example, sign-up to the Queen Studios newsletter, follow Queen studios on Social Media, share Queen Studios content, or even share a review of one of your statues. Please have a look our rewards system page on our website to learn more.

Once you sign up to become a VIP, you can enjoy all kinds of benefits. These benefits include, Free Queen Studios merchandise, priority shipping, early bird pre-orders, customized rewards, and even priority ordering for the NEW Master Series!

All points last for one year since the date of registration, after this period they will expire.
Once they expire, you can start earning new points in the new year. For backdated points, these can be added at any time and will also last for one year.

You can see it from our rewards page.

Levels are determined by how much you spend in total, and each level enjoys unique benefits for as long as you are an active member of the community. Points can be used to earn other limited edition or special rewards.

Yep, once you have reached a VIP level, you will stay there as long as you are still an active member. If after two years your account is inactive, you will drop down to level 2.

For Your accumulated points, these are valid in your Program account for one year from your Program "anniversary date." This is the anniversary of the date you enrolled in the Program and occurs on a 12-month cycle. On your anniversary date each year, your points reset to zero (0) and you start accumulating new points benefits and unlocking new rewards.

It depends on how you interact with us. You will not be a V.I.P for life if you even not interact with our company. These interactions could be measured online or offline.

QS respects every member’s privacy, so we will only to use your personal information for internal use in the same way that we use it for fulfilling orders. Please refer to our policy & conditions for rewards system.

You’ll be able to log in your profile to check your points once we’ve launched the system. We will have a blog post on the way to explain how it works.

We’ll make an announcement when it’s ready.

Yes, you will still need to cover your normal fees unless you redeem a reward that offers a discount on shipping or any other fees.

Rewards, benefits and points earned through Queen Studios have no cash value, are non-transferable and you have no property rights in any rewards, benefits and points.

Once you have redeemed your points for a reward, you won’t be able to return or exchange them, so please use them wisely.

Yes, you can get the corresponding points immediately and gain the rest of the points after you finish the full payment.

Any product that is returned or any order that is cancelled will reverse or decrease the points you received from that purchase. If you moved up a tier on that order, your tier will also be adjusted accordingly.