Queen Studios' Authorised Partners

We’re on a mission to build the better collectible busts and statues. But we can’t do it alone! With the help of our fans, we’re making the improvements to the final product. With the help of our partners, we’re slowly making them available around the world.

We currently have partners in North America and the EU. If you’d like to buy one of our busts or statues, or work with us in this region, these are the people we trust to deliver the best.


GFX is the Exclusive Distributor to XM Studios in North America, and now Queen Studios’ trusted partner in the United States and North America.

GFX has 15+ years of experience in domestic/international shipping, and are equally experienced in the limited edition collectibles market. With this new partnership we’ll focus on offering excellent customer service and secure affordable shipping.

Visit their website to learn more https://www.gfxdistribution.com/


Deriv Store is a growing company from Strasbourg in France. As our authorised partners, they’ve proved to be knowledgeable and passionate about collecting, and their customer service is exceptional.

We know shipping to Europe can be difficult and expensive, but the team at Deriv has bundled all of the costs in to one to take the stress out of ordering from second-market resellers.

With a store located between France and Germany, they’re in a great place if you want to stop by and see the busts and statues in person before you add one to your collection.

Visit their website to learn more https://www.derivstore.com/



If you would like to partmer with Queen Studios in your region, get in touch!