Product Support

Thank you for visiting the Queen Studios Store!

The guys at Queen Studios work hard to make the best silicone and polystone collectibles possible. We have a strict Quality Control process, but we know from time to time things can go wrong.

We’re going to do our best to support you, but we have to make sure Queen Studios and our partners are treated fairly. The following steps below are in place to make sure we can solve your problem smoothly and promptly.

Queen Studios currently has licenses that only allow us to sell our products in a select number of countries. We do have authorized partners overseas, and we are aware that some fans have bought busts and statues via other methods. Please read the points below to see the best course of action based on your situation.  


If you have bought a collectible from the Queen Studios Store or from our Chinese Ecommerce store, then please click the button below and contact us detailing your current situation.

Support For My Purchase


If you have purchased one of our collectibles from an authorized partner, please contact the store directly. We have chosen our partners based on the level of support that they offer. We will work with them closely to solve any problems. If for some reason the authorized partner is unresponsive, please let us know using our contact form, or contact us on Facebook Messenger. We will contact them directly to see if we can speed things up.


We’re aware that individuals and private dealers in licensed countries resell our collectibles to Queen Studios’ fans around the world. Queen Studios is not responsible for after sales support from any individual or private dealer outside of licensed countries or regions. All of our collectibles are shipped within, or to, countries where we are permitted to operate. If the collectibles are forwarded to a new location, it is the individual or the dealers’ responsibility to speak to Queen Studios about damages or repairs. We will do our best to support all of our customers who have purchased from us directly. We can only support the first owner*. If you are looking make a purchase from an individual or a non-authorised dealer, we recommend that you understand the risks involved.


  • If you buy from an individual or non-authorized dealer, then you are not buying directly from Queen Studios.

  • It is the individual or the dealer who is responsibility for shipping.

  • It is the individual or the dealer’s responsibility to speak to Queen Studios about damages and repairs.


*The first owner is defined as the first person to purchase the collectible in a licensed territory, or through an authorised partner.

*The second owner refers to customers who have bought a collectible from the first owner.