INART Customer Service

The INART Team work hard to make the highest quality next-generation 1/6 scale figures. As our work requires hand craftmanship and hand-finishing, there could be cases where your figure doesn't arrive in the condition you expect. 

If you have an problem with your figure, please get in touch with us and don't forget to read the warranty terms in your instruction manual or on this page. 


EMAIL: Customerservice @ 

WORKING HOURS: Mon-Friday 9:00 am - 18:30 pm China Time (UTC+8/GMT+8)

RESPONSE TIMES: The INART Team will work hard to respond to all inquiries within 48-hours or sooner exept for Chinese National Holidays and Weekends. 


  1. The warranty period is 180 natural days from the date of signing for the product.
  2. If the figure is damaged or faultyduring normal use, it will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period. If it cannot be repaired, a replacement will be provided.
  3. The following conditions will require the customer to pay for repairs even during the warranty period:

➀ Faults and damage caused by misuse or carelessness;

➁ Damage caused by pets (such as scratches, bites, etc.);

➂ Faults and damage caused by fire, earthquake, and other natural disasters.

  1. In the following situations, no repairs will be provided regardless of the warranty period:

➀ Works sold not authorized by the company (e.g non-authorized activities such as auctions or raffles);

➁ The customer disassembles the work or tries to reassemble it;

➂ Fake products resulting from impersonation or piracy of our works.

  1. If damage is caused by the transportation company or other transportationor after-sales maintenance is complicated and the waiting period is long, the original work can be directly replaced after returning.
  2. The shipping cost will be borne or reimbursed by INART when the product is covered by warranty service.
  3. If not covered by the warranty, you need to contact the after-sales service in advance to confirm whether the after-sales service is still available or whether the corresponding replacement can still be provided; if so, the corresponding transportation and repair costs will be charged when returning for repair.
  4. The warranty period for providing direct exchange service after the return of the original work is subject to the warranty period before the exchange (counted from the date of the original purchase date).
  5. Repair or replacement is only valid in some countries, please contact the after-sales service in advance to confirm.
  6. The figure’s paint and rooted hair are hand-crafted, and minor differences are considered normal.

If you encounter significant issues with the paint or rooted hair, please contact customer support for assistance. INART reserves the right to interpret the final after-sales solution.

  1. After receiving the product, do not tear off or damage the first express delivery note on the product’s outer box, provided by the factory, agent, retailer or first buyer. If the delivery note meets the conditions below, INART reserves the right to void the warranty period:

➀ No first express delivery note on the product’s outer box;

➁ The first express delivery note is damaged, making it impossible to identify accurate and complete logistics information;

➂ No other means to identify the channel source of the product.

  1. The final interpretation of the above warranty terms belongs to INART, INART has the right to update the warranty content. All repairs and requests will be handled in accordance with the latest warranty terms.