The Batman Sixth Scale Figure By INART


In March 4,2022, we saw the release of the much anticipated "The Batman".
The Batman reboot sees ‘the world's greatest detective’, Batman as an action hero, director Matt Reeves has reimagined The Bat in a neo-noir style.

Gotham City no longer has a New-York-esque skyline, it is creating a totally different look and feel from the Christopher Nolan movies. A new direction has been taken, one where darkness is around every corner.

Robert Pattinson, who plays The Batman, has created a relatable yet introverted Batman. One who is torn between the duality of his parents’ death and grim reality of modern-day Gotham City. Despite being alone and tormented, Bruce Wayne dishes out an impartial amount of justice, even though sometimes it’s a little too heavy handed. The constant reminder of his parents’ death allows the Batman to thrash out in a phycological collapse of vengeance and justice. With this new direction of one of the first superheroes of the 20th century, INART is elated to announce the new 1/6 scale ‘The Batman’ and Bruce Wayne figure.

INART - The Batman: Batman & Bruce Wayne dual collectible figure is finally here after months of work. The team have worked hard on selecting the finest materials, sulpting the headsculpts and optimising the structural design.


The Batman Sixth Scale Figure

The Batman 1/6 Scale Figure


The Batman Helmet Head sculpt is equipped with an rolling eye system, and has been produced with three replacement facial expressions on the unmasked portion of the face. One is calm, one has a slightly open mouth and the third has an angry expression. INART has included these variants so the figures can adapt to different situations, and they can be applied to display in a variety of scenes. Any switch-out headsculpts will have megnetic touch points instead of pegs, and the heads can look up and down. 

The Batman 1/6 Facial Expressions

The Batman 1/6 Figure Face Expressions


This second head sculpt shows a Batman not wearing his cowl, with left over make up on Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson's) face. The Regular Edition head sculpt features sculpted hair. While the Premium Edition figure has been upgraded to rooted hair, and the real effect of messy hair brings the character to life in impressive fashion.

The Batman Unmasked Head Sculpt


One of the finest parts of this figure is the design of the arm armor. The grappling hook gun on the inside of the arm plate has two replacement parts included, it folds and ejects, the metal grappling hook can also be fitted to the arm.

The Batman Armor Sixth Scale Figure armor


The material selection of the breastplate armor is based on a variety of official information from DC, repeat screenings of the movie, and the comparison of various design patterns and samples. One of the Batarangs is equipped with a magnet, designed much like the device in the movie, it can be freely loaded and unloaded. This version of the accessory is also equipped with two other bat darts with different designs for collectors to choose from.

The Batman Chest Armour and Batarangs


Compared with the scaled down version of the chest armor, the production of the body armor is of the upmost importance to this piece, yet painstakingly to design. While ensuring the sharpness of the edges of the body armor, in order to achieve the texture and folding effect of the armor in the movie, Details such as body armor routing and gaps are made in accordance with the same angle and direction of the film costume setting, while 3D three-dimensional cutting, restoring the texture of the waist and body armor material is also reflected in the physical effect.

Costume design and material restoration of movable figures have always been one of the concerns. This version of Batman, as a portrayal of the early image, has a thin body, so the tailoring of this suit is more suitable for the figure itself. In addition, the dynamic banding system of the bat suit, the arm catheter, and the zipper for wearing and removing the suit are all perfectly reproduced on 1/6 of the suit.

The Batman Body Armor sixth scale figure


The utility belt is an important part of Batman’s arsenal carry-on weapons. And is one the awesome accessories placed on our figure have been rescaled to a 1/6 scale. Including bullet bag *1, adrenaline double bag *1, double bag *1, handcuff bag *1, triangle buckle *1, rappel buckle *1, UV lamp package *1 and flare package *1. Both can be opened and closed freely and change to other bags. The leg hanger is equipped with a sticky bomb gun that can be filled and removed, or fitted into the leg hanger and equipped with replaceable bullets. Give the player a better play experience.

The Batman Utility Belt


Flash light: The tactical flash light used by Commissioner Gordon has an elaborate imitation black metal shell and looks exact worn as in the movie. This recreation also can be illuminated, and the replacement bulb will also be included.

Handcuffs: The handcuffs are made of metal, and it can be opened and closed freely.

Other key accessories include, Adrenaline Shots, UV Light, Flares.

The Batman Flashlight


The Batman cape has a built-in metal wire, and collectors can adjust the shape of the cape to achieve the look the desire.

The Batman Cape


This figure includes a miniature cowl as a separate piece which can add displayability .

The Batman Cowl


Total 10 interchangeable hands, including one open hands, one pair of fists,one pair of hooked hands, one dart right hand, one grip right hand, one gun holding right hand and one gesture right hand.The selection of multi-hand types is coordinated with a variety of accessories and props. which also shows the delicacy of Batman's equipment.

The Batman Sixth Scale Figure Switch Out Hands


The Riddler’s five cards are the important clues that are integral to the development of the movie's plot. These calling cards create the atmosphere of a thriller and suspense through the selection of pictures and the intimidation of sentences. INART's action figures are not only intended to reflect the characters themselves, but also to help review the plot by arranging props that are used throughout the film.

The Riddlers Calling Card


A utility computer for reading riddles has been included in the rooted hair sculpt edition. The screen reproduces the "orphan" puzzle that the Riddler and Batman played before their head-on match. The computer itself can be opened and closed, and the disks at both ends of the keyboard can be loaded and unloaded, which is a detailed representation of INART's miniatures.

The Batman Laptop


The design of the base uses the bat lamp as the design element. The black bat logo and the imitation folding element make the overall shape appear gloomy, which is more in line with the character of Robert Pattinson's version of Batman and the main line of the movie, without too much high-tech and exaggerated modeling, the base includes a magnet which the figure can be placed on.

The Batman Sixth Scale Figure Base


The Batman-Bat Signal is made according to the Settings in the movie, including the light, the opening and closing of the foldout, and the rotation and playability of the lamp barrel. Fine rain washing mixed with the soil color, the old deformation treatment of the fold, and the depiction of mechanical engineering details make the Batman Bat-Signal more authentic, The Batman & Bruce Wayne Deluxe Edition includes this signal, but you can also buy it separately.

The size of the Bat-Signal is 270MM (H) x 230MM (W) x 310MM (D). In Inches, the size is estimated to be 10.6 (H) x 9 (W) 12 (D). The materials include  ABS, Diecast Metal and Acrylic.

The Batman Bat Signal

INART - The New Batman: Batman & Bruce Wayne 1/6 collectible figures are on pre-sale now.

Thanks for reading! You can also Click Here to Learn More About the Bruce Wayne sixth scale figure. 



  • Wyatt Miller

    This is so realistic,the cowl looks like it has REAL scratches on it,so thanks for all the details.

  • Wyatt Miller

    This is so realistic,the cowl looks like it has REAL scratches on it,so thanks for all the details.

  • Wyatt Miller

    This is so realistic,the cowl looks like it has REAL scratches on it,so thanks for all the details.

  • Wyatt Miller

    This is so realistic,the cowl looks like it has REAL scratches on it,so thanks for all the details.

  • Michael Claxton

    When will this Batman be released to buy

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