Queen Studios' March and April Review

March and April Review 2022 Queen Studios

The first quarter of the year is over and it's been a busy one. Queen Studios have released some incredible pre-orders, we’ve announced a new range of collectibles, and WonderCon has been and gone. But not to worry. For those of you couldn’t attend, there’s more good news coming in the upcoming months.


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March and April have been a strong couple of months for Queen Studios, we wanted to end the first quarter of 2022 with a bang and start Q2 with a running start. Our team have put together an awesome collection of pre-orders that we’re thrilled to announce.


Queen Studios Product Launch 2022 was a chance for the Queen Studios team to share some of our favourite collectibles recently released, as well as some teasers and reveals of some upcoming collectible statues, busts and 1/6 InArt figures. The launch featured Queen Studios' members deconstructing our collectables and giving their thoughts on the process that brought these collectable to life. Check out the highlights below.



As you all probably know by now, our Iron Man collection is probably one of Queen Studios fiercest collection. We’ve released over ten Iron-Man armors depicting several of the iterations of the Iron Man armor. Our latest edition is a life-size bust of Tony Stark’s Third iteration of the Iron Man armor.

This Queen Studios 1/1 scale Mark three armor includes the full torso of the armor, and it is takes a patriotic pose. The bust includes several LEDs in the armors eyes and the chest’s arc reactor. The mechanical insides of the suit can be seen from the left and right side of the bust, and under the armor’s shoulders. The base of the bust is also designed to resemble the Mark III, and has a plaque, sharing the collectables name and movie. You can pre-order the Mark III now.


Our latest addition to our collection is 2022’s The Batman, that’s right Robert Pattinson’s Batman. This Batman statue takes the likeness of performer Robert Pattinson and is 1/3 scale. It comes in two editions, the regular edition includes a Batman head sculpt, and the premium edition includes the regular edition head sculpt and a Bruce Wayne head sculpt. The base takes it's design from the 2022 movie’s Bat Mobile. And vengeance is stood in full armor waiting to do his worse to Gotham’s crime lords. You can Pre-Order this 1/3 scale Batman statue below.

1/4 LOKI

Another great year for our Loki fans, QS have just announed our 1/4 scale Loki statue from the True To Life Series. Some of you will remember way back when, Loki was one of our first collectables, that took an actors likeness.

This Queen Studios’ Loki 1/4 statue stands at 58cm tall and captures Loki from the first Avenger’s movie. He is holding his Scepter which holds the Mind Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones. This 1/4 statue is cast in Tom Hiddleston likeness and captures the Prince of Asgard in his most calculating scene in the MCU.


Crafted from polystone, Queen Studios is happy to announce the release the heavily anticipated 1/4 scale Captain America statue. Queen Studios artists have captured the ‘Cap’ as he clenches his fist in his right hand and holds a shield in his left.

After the massively successful Infinity Saga it seemed right to introduce Captain America to the Queen Studio 1/4 scale collection. It’s a statue that highlight the Captain’s righteousness perfectly and the perfect statue for any collector.


Queen Studios' 1/6 range

The team behind Queen Studios is proud to introduce the newest collectibles brand InArt! InArt create incredibly realistic 1/6 scale collectible figures. Each figure includes switch-outs, accessories and full articulation.

The InArt team work closely with Queen Studios for production and distribution so you can be sure that these figures will live up to expectations and exceed the quality shown in prototypes.


The first collectable of this range is our Dark Knight Joker 1/6 Collectible Figure this figure capture the Joker as he suddenly throws the City into chaos. Queen Studios new figure has moveable joints, making this figure our most dynamic collectable yet. This figure is made even better by its included props which can be seen below. You can pre-order this Dark Knight Joker 1/6 Collectible Figure below.



WonderCon 2022

For the first time since 2019… WonderCon returned to the Anaheim Convention Center on April 1 - 3! Due to the current pandemic, the Queen Studios team couldn't attend this event in person. But our official USA Partner Cinemaquette were there to showcase some of our collectibles.

We'd like to express a big thanks to our Cinemaquette Partner and all you guys for making this happen. If you couldn't attend, don’t worry! We're planning more events for collectors around the world later this year. For those who do attend, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for some Queen Studios’ Giveaways and events.


Queen Studio’s Master Series is a brand-new, high-end collection of exclusive limited-edition collectibles designed and created by Queen Studios master artists. Only 2-3 collectibles will be released in a single year. Each piece will focus on unique designs, highly detailed sculpts and expert craftsmanship. Each collectibles process will abide by Queen Studios’ core philosophy "Created to inspire, born to collect". The first edition released in this series will be a 1/1 scale life-size bust of Doctor Strange. Check out more below!

And that's it for March and April 2022! Make sure to subscribe to our social media and sign up to our newsletter, so you don't miss anything Queen Studios. See you next Month.



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