Queen Studios China Joy 2020 Highlights

Queen Studios China Joy Highlights 2020

At the start of 2020, we were excited for another year of making incredibly life-like collectibles and meeting fans at shows and events around the world.

By the end of January, our optimism soon faded as we slipped into a new reality. The first events in China were being postponed months in advance, followed by European, American and Worldwide shows.

In July of 2020 however, there was a beacon of hope. A rare opportunity for Queen Studios to share some of our newest work with fans in China, and fans around the world.

China Joy was our first event this year, and in this post we’ll give you a full run down of what you missed!


Queen Studios China Joy 2020 Booth Setup

China Joys is a digital entertainment expo held every year in Shanghai and is one of the largest of its kind in Asia. Although some of our earlier events were cancelled or postponed, China Joy went ahead with a slightly smaller capacity.

Arriving on a Friday in Shanghai, our team set up shop for with a few surprises in store!


China Joy Fans 2020

As excited fans lined up on the Saturday, the Queen Studios team got the booth ready. If you’re a fan of Queen Studios, then we hope to see you at one of our China shows. At these events we can create more of an immersive experience and we pull out all of the stops with booth design.

This year we did have plans on attending larger events around the world offering a similar experience, but these plans are now on hold until 2021.


Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 7 1_2 Statue

If you're a Marvel fan, and a fan of Queen Studios, then we hope your excited by our latest announcements. From 2020, Queen Studios will be making 1:2 scale Marvel statues starting with the Iron Man Mark 7.

As an exclusive, the Queen Studios team took the Mark 7 to China Joy to collect feedback from show-goers. Overall, the response was incredible! A few adjustments need to be made, but we're pleased to announce that the statue should be ready soon and we'll reveal the final images once approved.


Queen Studios Spider-Man 1:4 Statue China Joy 2020

Another exciting development for Marvel and Queen Studios fans was the early reveal of the Queen Studios 1:4 scale Spider-Man statue from Captain America Civil War. The Spider-Man statue will be the first 1:4 scale from Queen Studios, with many more amazing characters in the pipeline.

In the coming months we're hoping to reveal more work-in-progress updates and final images once approved by Marvel! Make sure you follow us on Facebook or sign-up to our newsletter on the bottom of this post so you don't miss out.


Queen Studios Megatron Bust Reveal China Joy 2020

The Queen Studios team are big Transformers fans, and although not everyone loves Michael Bay's work, our artists are fond of how he brought the classic characters to life.

Over the years, collectors have seen a variety of Transformers statues and busts. But the artists at Queen Studios wanted to create something new and different. After some debate, the team decided it would be cool if they could create a large scale Transformers bust (unfortunately not 1:1), and got to work on the designs.

At China Joy, the team proudly displayed a 3D printed sculpt of the early work. This work-in-progress bust gave show-goers an idea of size and scale, as well as the incredible detailing that can be expected. In the coming months, we're hoping to add colour, more details, and more features following up with a big reveal. We're confident that this is going to be something special.


TGIF NO.1 THERA Statue China Joy 2020

In July 2020, we announced the launch of an incredible new series of statues created by Taiwanese artist Evan Lee. This series is features cute and sexy humanoids from a dystopian future. Each character is uniquely designed from Evan Lee's imagination, and brought ot life by Queen Studios and MADology.

Following the successful pre-order, the Queen Studios team took an early display model to the China Joy event in Shanghai. Again, the feedback was generally positive, and within a few days, the statue was sold out in Asia.


Queen Studios 1_3 Dark Knight Batman and Joker Collectible Statue

The Queen Studios 1:3 Dark Knight Batman and Heath Ledger Joker has been one of the most hotly anticipated and talked about statues from the collection this year. In 2019, the team revealed a series of work-in-progress images of The Joker in the run up to New York Comic Con, before displaying an early prototype. The feedback from NYCC was constructive, and gave the team a new focus. By the end of 2019, our artists made some incredible progress with favourible reviews from all corners of the globe.

In 2020, the 1:3 Heath Ledger Joker had completely sold out leaving many fans dissapointed. Fast forward a few more months, and we had one more suprise up our sleeves. The 1:3 Dark Knight Batman would be available in three versions, and would also feature an Extended Display Base so that collectors can display both Batman and The Joker together to recreate the interrogation scene from the Dark Knight.

Both statues were displayed at China Joy and shared online to fans from around the world. So far, the response has been great and we're excited to finish production on both pieces so we can see them in your collection.


Life-size Justice League Batman Bust By Queen Studios

The 1:1 life-size Ben Affleck Justice League bust was another collectible to debut at China Joy 2020. This bust was first teased in 2019, with the pre-order going live earlier in 2020.

Coming as a surprise to most collectors, we were able to start production on the Batman Bust early, with some batches being shipped less than 3 months after the PO. This speed did come at a cost however, with some busts featuring wide eyes that weren't movie accurate. To address this problem, the Queen Studios Production Manager recalled some of these busts and the changes have been made to make the collecible movie accurate. At China Joy, we were able to show one of the latest versions of the bust putting many collectors minds at ease.


Queen Studios Comic Spider-Man Busts

The Queen Studios Comic Spider-Man busts were the first busts from Queen Studios inspired by Comic characters instead of live action. There are three versions of the busts: red and blue, red and black and black. Each bust features interchangeable eyes and switch-out webbing creating a dynamic collecible bust of our favourite web-slinging crime fighter.


Queen Studios 1:1 Hulk Bust

Our final fan favourite is the life-size Hulk bust. First revealed in June 2019, this behemoth of a bust has had some small tweaks and changes to create a hyper-realistic life-like depiction of the mean green rage machine.

For many fans and collectors, there's been a few questions raised about the true scale of the big guy. But when fans saw him face to face at China Joy, there was no question!


Queen Studios at China Joy 2020

After a busy show, Everyone at Queen Studios was greatful to be given the opportunity to dsiplay some of our collectibles. We know that 2020 has been and continues to be a challenging year. But with such an incredible community of collectors, we'll continue to do what we do to make the world's most realstic and life-like statues and busts!

Even though China Joy went ahead, the future still remains uncertain. Later in 2020 we're hoping to display more busts and statues at Wonder Festival in Shanghai. In 2021, we hope that we can get out and see more fans around the world and share our work.



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