October Highlights: Queen Studios Encore Events

Queen Studios October Highlights

In the collecting calendar, October is usually an exciting month. New York Comic Con is often the highlight, with similar events being held all over the world. However, despite being three years into the pandemic, the attendance of these events by collectibles companies still isn’t the same as before.

Despite the relative doom and gloom, the QS team decided to hit the road anyway, and hold the first collector events in the USA and Thailand. If you missed the news from these events, make sure you check out the highlights below.

Queen Studios X INART Encore Event In Las Vegas

Queen Studios Encore Events October 2022

As a result of the events of last two years, the Queen Studios team haven’t been able to leave Mainland China. This means we’ve missed out on a huge amount of great events. But Queen Studios and INART decided to hold the first overseas collector event in Las Vegas Nevada, USA on Sat, Oct 15, 2022. The first of it’s kind, this event was intended to give a select group of collectors the chance to see some of the company’s newest pieces up close and in person.

Jurrasic World T-Rex

Jurrasic World T-Rex Queen Studios Encore Event

One of the newest collectibles on display was the Jurrasic World T-Rex. Inspired by the new movie Jurrasic World Dominion, this incredibly detailed statue captures the ferocious apex predator as it roars while crushing a car beneath its feet.

While not yet on pre-order. This was a great opportunity for collectors to see the prototype up close and personal, and share their thoughts with the team. 

Black Suit Superman

Justice League Black Suit Super-Man Queen Studios

Another statue making it's debut was the Black Suit Superman from Justice League. For what seems like years, collectors have been demanding a Cavill Superman from Queen Studios. After a lot of hard work, the team finally showcased the newest statue. 

On the whole, the feedback for this piece was overwhelmingly positive, but based on the feedback, the QS team have decided there needs to be a few tweaks and changes before the statue is available for PO. 


Queen Studios Las Vegas Event


 The QS team capped of the event with a presentation outlining the teams plans for 2023. For global collectors, this is an exciting time as new licenses were announced for Michael Jackson, Dune as well as the expansion of DC licensing. 

While we have a few months to go before 2023, the future is looking bright!

Queen Studios X INART Encore Event Thailand

Queen Studios X INART Encore Event Thailand 2022

Following the event in Las Vegas, the team flew to Thailand for another collector event. The Thailand Encore event was held on 26th October at The Tall Trees in Bangkok. Organised by Art Statue Collector and Creation at works, this was another opportunity for collectors to see some of Queen Studios' newest collectibles for the first time. 

Iron Man Mark 3 1/2 Statues

Iron Man Mark 3 1/2 Statues Thailand Encore Event

 The Iron Man Mark 3 1/2 statues by Queen Studios made their debut at the Encore event in Thailand. These two stunning statues capture Tony Stark's third Iron Man armor with incredible detail. Available in a "clean" regular edition and "battle damaged" edition, collectors at the event were blown away by the detail. 

INART Sixth Scale Figures

INART Encore Event Thailand

Following the welcomed reception of INART's sixth scale figures in Las Vegas, INART brought these awesome collectibles to Thailand. Most notably, the 1/6 Heath Ledger Joker's final production piece stole the show, but collectors had high praise for The Batman, Gandalf and Pennywise. 

Thailand Comic Con

Thailand Comic Con 2022 Queen Studios

To cap off one incredible month, Thailand Comic Con took place on October 28 - 30 2022. This was the first time Queen Studios and INART attended the event and it was an excellent opportunity to get to speak to Thai collectors. 

Arthur Fleck 1/3 Joker Statue

Arthur Fleck 1/3 Joker Statue

If you've followed Queen Studios work, you'll know the team are all massive fans of the Joker. As huge fans, the team couldn't help but have one more crack at creating a 1/3 scale Joker statue, inspired by Arthur Fleck from the Bathroom Dance scene. 

The statue captures the character mid dance, with rooted hair, incredibly detailed make up and mixed media clothing as he dances gracefully along a tiled bathroom floor base. While not yet available for PO, the team were immensly proud to showcase this piece. 


TGIF No.2 Thailand Comic Con Queen Studios

In 2020, the Queen Studios team released the TGIF No.1 statue designed by Taiwan artist Evan Lee and made in partnership with MADology. This sexy cyberpunk piece was not for the liking of everyone, but for those that did like it, they were passionate. 

After what feels like an eternity, Queen Studios teamed up with MADology once more to bring Evan Lee's second creation to life, the TGIF No.2. Like TGIF No.1, this statue includes many of the same risque themes which discerning collectors love. The TGIF No.2 statue debuted in Las Vegas, and made an appearence twice in Thailand before going up for a live pre-order. If you're a fan of this piece, make sure you check it out now!

Knightmare Batman

Knightmare Batman 1/4 Statues Queen Studios Thai Comic Con

The Knightmare Batman 1/4 statue from Justice League has been hotly anticipated for some time. Much to the delight of the QS team, this new statue was able to make an appearance both in the US and Thailand, before opening for pre-order.

On the whole, collectors shared praise for this piece, but a few tweaks and changes to the cowl need to be made. If you have this statue on PO or want to PO, rest assured, the Knightmare Batman will be updated!

What's Next?

As we head into the holiday season, our attention tends to drift back towards spending our valuable time and hard earned money on family and friends. In the meantime, the QS and INART team will have a few new releases and focus on 2023. If you're in the Singapore region, make sure you check out Singapore Comic Con in December, and also share your thoughts on where we should hold events next in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! 


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