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Tuan Le From the UK

Collector Stories is a series of interviews that allows aspiring collectors and industry veterans a look into some of Queen Studios fan’s collections. If you’re feeling uninspired, and unsure of what piece of pop culture to grab next, look no further Tuan from the UK has you covered.

How long have you been collecting?

Tuan's collection up-close

I’ve always been a collector at heart, whether it be cars, video games or films. However, I have been collecting statues & busts for a little over a year. It’s the perfect hobby for me, I love pop culture and the nostalgia it sometimes brings!

Why have you chosen to collect statues and busts, and not another form of memorabilia?

Tuan's Queen Studio Collection

Collecting statues, since the start, has always been an emotional thing for me. It takes me back to very special moments in in time and reminds me of the joys I have had. That moment could be anything, watching cartoons at 10am on a Saturday or my first date with my now wife Heidi. A more recent memory would be with me and my kids cheering in the cinema as the Avenger took on Thanos and his army in Avengers Endgame. For me, collecting is all about cherishing these memories. And let us not also forget, its some kick @ss cool art!

How big is your collection & how did it all start?

Tuan's Collection

Currently our collection has some 30 pieces. The vast majority of that being 1:1 Busts/Props or 1:3 full- figure statues. We display these in our small studio shop as I’m a UK registered statue retailer. We also have a constant flow of statues arriving, that we put in the hands of the UK collectables community. It’s cool that we get to see all these amazing pieces of art up-close so often.

My wife picked up a couple of Pokemon collectibles, and that quickly got me started. My first collectible was the stunning Queen Studio Black Panther 1:1 Bust. I’m still in awe at the detail of the suit. It’s easy to mistake it for a ‘simple’ statue but the details and hidden UV paint is a stroke of genius!

What IPs do you collect and what’s your favorite 

Tuan's Collection - Superman

Currently, I’m really in love with the Generation 1 Transformers line from another studio. They’ve paid respect to the franchise and they really do take me back to my childhood.

I have a range of thinks I enjoy collecting. Some are from my cartoon and comics I read as a child, some Video Game related collectable; and not to forget my Marvel MCU guilty pleasures! Basically, if it makes me feel good, chances are I’d consider collecting it!

What’s the most interesting experience you have had while collecting?

Tuan's Collection

I have said before that being active - and retailing statues – is how I fuel this hobby. And its a real privilege. These are not soulless, cold pieces of stone. Collectors have an emotional attachment, and these collectables really mean something to them. So, when delivering a customer order, it’s really humbling to be invited into their world to experience their collection as it’s such a personal thing. It sounds cheesy but it really is special to be part of that.

Do you have any collecting horror stories?

Tuan's Collection

It is always a horrible thing to have a ‘bad delivery’... To order a statue, wait months or even years and have it arrive in a condition that’s less than it should be, is heart breaking. Most of our orders have been great experiences, but I have had a couple where a studio (not Queen Studios!) sent me a previously returned, damaged statue. It has been fully resolved now but it should have never happened. We need to work with studios and the community to maintain a standard that this hobby deserves.

What was your first Queen Studios collectible?

Tuan's Queen Studios Iron Man Bust

There will always be a Queen Studios section in our collection. Overall, I think Queen Studios are *the* studio for consistently making the most screen accurate statues. Currently, I have a few QS orders in place. More specifically, the 1:3 Dark Knight Trilogy Joker and Batman, the 1:1 Wonder Woman Shield, MKL Battle Damaged 1:1 bust etc. And not to forget, something extra, a secret that I am very excited about from QS. We will share as soon as we take delivery!

What do you like most about Queen Studios, and will you continue using Queen Studios?

Tuan's  Captain Marvel and Thanos

I like that QS seem to be challenging both themselves as a new yet established studio as well the industry as a whole. Particularly your community engagement, communication between the collector and the studio is great from a collector’s point of view. And then actually converting that into action when you produce a product. It really shows you value the collectors.

The only suggestion I would make to QS is to find a balance between unveiling new concepts and delivering current processing products. The current average lead time from prototype to physical release in this hobby is too long... for me, I would be over the moon if I pre ordered something based on a prototype and had it in hand within 12 months. It would really incentivise me to champion a studio, that could produce a prototype within 12 months.



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