Wonder Festival Summer 2021 WF2021

Wonder Festival Summer 2021 WF2021

Wonder Festival is upon us! It's that time of the year again where collectors and model studios get together for one weekend and share upcoming releases and to have a look at what new advancements the industry has to offer.


Wonder Festival 2020 Queen Studio Booth

Wonder festival is the worlds largest cartoon and model exhibition in the world. Hosted by Japanese model maker, the Kaikyodo Co., Ltd. Wonder Festival takes place twice a year, the first in winter, and the second in summer. This summer’s festival will be held in Shanghai at the new International Expo Centre, from June 13 to 14.  

When the exhibition was first founded in 1984, it was hosted by Japan’s first SF store ‘General Products’, a famous store in Osaka. With the help from Kaiyodo, the store was later converted to an animation production company ‘GAINAX’. In the summer of 1992 Gainax relocated to Ocean Hall. And In 1995 they created the super popular TV animation series "Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

The "Wonder Festival 2020 Winter" held on February 9, 2020, achieved a record of 2,050 prototypes and 48,888 audiences. The scheduled following festivals of Summer 2020 & Winter 2021 were put on hold due to the pandemic. However, this summer it is back.


Last year’s Wonder Festival was an exciting one. Queen Studios made some big announcements, followed buy some sensational releases. We even gathered some global attention being graced with the attention of some pretty important people who work with Marvel & DC, like Todd Phillips, the director of 2019’s Joker. All going well, this years Wonder Festival will pickup the same mount of speed. For all the newcomers and for those who missed it, above you’ll see a small snippet of what was announced at last year’s Wonder Festival. A lot was presented. A few hyper- realistic busts, including Joker, Alita & Wonder Woman. The MK85 & Rescue armor couple set, and some brilliantly crafted Transformers.  


Queen Studios reveals at Wonder Festival 2020

There’s a lot to expect this year. And a lot from some brilliant companies. Queen Studios has already released several pieces in anticipation of the Wonder Festival, which you can find on our social media. We have a lot in store for Wonder Festival weekend. So, stay tuned in. Here is what to expect from Wonder Festival. It seems this year will be one to remember. Expect the wonderful, the weird and quite a lot of exclusives. Here’s a little about some of the studios attending the festival and look at some brilliant pieces they’ve already announced.


Killerbody WF

Killerbody RC Models will be a highlight for many movie lovers and cosplayers. For many years this company has been popular in the hobby products industry, creating incredible model kit cars. But it's their prop-replicas and movie accurate suits that draw attention.

At WF2021, Killerbody will display their movie accurate Captain America suit, helmet and shield. As well as a full Doctor Strange outfit and even a working Bumblebee replica suit (Made to fit humans). If you haven't already, we recommend checking out their collection online, it's pretty cool. 


冷墨工作室 Wonder Festival 2021

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Suzhou. 冷墨工作室 was founded by artist Zheng Haojie. He has many years of experience in copper sculpture design, sculpture, hand casting. Later, he started working together with bronze sculpture enthusiast Li Zhiyong. Together they were able to work on more complex and multi-directional exploration creations. The studio’s focus includes art, figure models, miniature scenes and popular toys.


A-Leng Wonder Festival 2021 Exclusive

An exclusive Wonder Festival A-Leng Toy. A cartoon man made from cardboard. This piece is more of a yearly mascot than anything else.

This #WF2021 Shanghai special sales carton person A-Leng at the venue, you can go to booth E6-A17 and various venues to buy yourself a A-Leng Toy also available at special A-Leng automatic vending machines across the venue.


ECC Elite Creature Collectables

Very Museum


Prime One

Sega & Namco


Where is Wonder Festival?

The summer Wonder Festival takes place is Shanghai, China. Winter Wonder Festival is expected to take place later in the year in Shanghai.

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center, 2345 Longyang Rd, Shi Ji Gong Yuan, Pudong,




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