Important Notice Regarding Payment Subscriptions/Payment Plans

  • Customer (hereinafter referred to as "you"), for PayPal payment, you should agree to PayPal's billing agreement in advance. You shall abide by the terms separately entered into with PayPal. In particular, if any dispute arises between you and PayPal, it shall be resolved between you and PayPal. Queen Studios shall not bare responsibility.

  • You can choose full payment, deposit and final payment, or pay through installments. For full payment, Queen Studios will charge you the full amount before the item is officially shipped.


  • For monthly installments, Queen Studios will begin preparing to ship to you once all installments are completed.
  • Before ordering the goods you are responsible for making sure that you have enough balance in your PayPal account to cover the monthly payments, or have an alternative payment method in PayPal to make sure the payments clear.
  • You are responsible for covering the full non-refundable deposit to secure the goods in your name.
  • If your financial situation changes or you are unable to cover the costs of the final pre-order, you can apply for a refund. However, Queen Studios will charge a 5% processing fee and the deposit will not be refunded.
  • All customers are entitled to a 24-hour cooling off period which entitles them to a refund of the non-refundable deposit. The cooling off period starts from the time the order was processed in the e-commerce store and once the 24-hour period has passed, customers will be no longer eligible for a refund of the non-refundable deposit.
  • Queen Studios will charge you the balance of the product price before the product is officially shipped, which is subject to the email notification from Queen Studios.
  • Whether it is a pre-ordered product or an in-stock product, there is no refund or return for placing an order and/or selling it. Please order and consume rationally. 
  • Queen Studios has the right to deal with violations of regulations, including but not limited to cancellingorders, prohibiting purchases, suspending or terminating services, etc.
  • For the above rules, Queen Studios has the right to revise these rules from time to time in accordance with the adjustment of laws and regulations, changes in the business environment and other factors, and the revised rules will take effect from the date of publication.
  • By proceeding with this order, you have deemed to have read, understood and agreed to our terms.
  • This document is published in both Chinese and English. If there is any misinterpretations  between the two, the Chinese version shall prevail.


  • Customers (hereinafter referred to as "you"), the shipping cost of the goods you ordered will be calculated based on factors such as volume, weight and delivery country. Due to the modification of the fare by the logistics company or other reasons, the freight may be changed in the future, which is subject to the notification email from Queen Studios.
  • Please note that customs fees, sales tax, etc. are not included in your purchase price and may be charged by the customs of your country or region. In some cases, these duties and customs fees, sales tax, etc. are charged by the logistics company. Queen Studios does not charge any duties/taxes for international shipments. We are not responsible for these fees and cannot estimate how much these fees may be. You can contact your local customs office or post office to investigate the amount of taxes and duties you owe before shipping.
  • The items you ordered are non-refundable or exchangeable for other items. If you need to cancel the items you ordered, Queen Studios will not refund the money you have paid.
  • All goods are quoted in USD, unless otherwise stated. All products sold are strictly non-refundable or exchangeable for other products. Deposits or Full Payments are only refundable or transferable to another product if Queen Studios cancels the pre-sold goods. For any successful cancellation and monetary refund, a 5% admin charge of the amount to be refunded will be charged to customers to cover all administrative and postage costs.
  • Queen Studios will arrange the delivery of the corresponding ordered goods after you have paid in full for the goods you ordered. Before Queen Studios ship the goods, it will add the shipping fee according to the actual situation in the final payment, and inform you by email that you should complete the payment online within the specified time.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the product can be legally imported into the destination country. When ordering from Queen Studios, both the orderer and the consignee must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country or region. The goods you ordered should specify the corresponding delivery address. Queen Studios can only change the shipping address prior to shipping, and we won’t ship to PO Boxes or Freight Forwarding companies. If you need to change the address, please modify it before placing the order. Queen Studios reserves the right to cancel any order with a shipping address that does not match our licensed territories.
  • The goods you ordered cannot be delivered due to logistics reasons or incompletereceiving information, unreasonable rejection, force majeure, etc. Queen Studios is not responsible for delivery.
  • Due to the high-value of the items, customers must inspect the packaging before signing for the goods.If there is any sign of serious damage, customers must refuse to sign for the package. All goods should be inspected immediately, and if any damage is found on the goods, it is the customers responsibility to take pictures or collect video evidence, as well as record the delivery information, such as tracking codes and goods of doubtful quality. All damages must be reported to Queen Studios immediately so the case can be resolved.
  • Goodsordered from the Queen Studios Store are not allowed for resale and are prohibited from being maliciously hoard Otherwise, Queen Studios reserve the right to  dealt with directly such violations, and will not bear any responsibility.
  • Queen Studios will bill you via PayPal or through the secure LianLianPay gateway and will never ask you for any credit card details and customers must pay attention to phishing scams . If you have had any suspicious emails from companies or individuals claiming to be Queen Studios asking for sensitive information, then please report this to customerservice@nwatoy.com and do not share any private information.
  • The time zone used on this site is China Standard Time (UTC+8).
  • By proceeding with this order, you have deemed to have read, understood and agreed to our terms.
  • This document is published in both Chinese and English. If there is anymisinterpretations  between the two, the Chinese version shall prevail. 


 客户(下称“您”),您所订购的商品运费将根据体积、重量和交货国家等因素计算。由于物流公司修改票价或其他原因,以后可能会更改运费,具体以Queen Stuidos的通知邮件为准。

  • 请注意,海关费用及相关税费等不包含在您的购买价格中,可能由您所在国家或地区的海关收取。在某些情况下,这些海关费用及相关税费等由物流公司收取。Queen Studios 不对国际货运收取任何海关费用及相关税费等。我们不对这些费用负责,也无法估计这些费用可能是多少。您可以在发货前联系您当地的海关办公室或邮局以调查您应缴纳的税款和关税金额。
  • 您所订购的商品均不可退款或更换为其他商品,若您需要取消订购的商品,Queen Studios 将不予退还您已经支付的款项。
  • 所有商品均以美元报价,除非另有说明。所有商品一经售出,恕不退换。当Queen Studios单方取消预先发售的商品时,您可以选择退款(定金或全额付款)或者更换为其他商品,若您选择退款,Queen Studios将收取退款金额的5%的管理费,以支付相应的行政以及邮资等费用。
  • Queen Studios将在您付清您所订购的商品全部款项后,安排相应订购商品的发货。Queen Studios在准备发货前,将在最终付款中根据实际情况添加运费,并通过邮件告知您,您应在规定时间内在线上完成支付。
  • 您有责任确保商品可以合法进口到目的地国家。从 Queen Studios 订购时,订购人和收货人都必须遵守目的地国家/地区的所有法律和法规。您订购的商品应明确相应收货地址。Queen Studios只能在发货前修改配送地址,并且不发货到PO box或货运代理公司。如需更改地址请您在下订单之前进行修改。Queen Studios有权取消送货地址不符合我们许可地区的任何订单。
  • 您订购的商品因物流原因或收货信息不完整、无故拒收、不可抗力等原因造成无法配送的,Queen Studios不承担配送责任。
  • 由于货物的价值较高,客户应当在签收货物前检查包装。您订购的商品包装严重破损时,您应当场拒绝签收。如当场拆封验收发现有质量问题,请您及时拍摄并将图片及\或视频(包括快递包装、快递单号、存疑质量商品)提供给Queen Studios。
  • 您订购的商品不允许任何倒卖、恶意囤积、二次销售等行为,否则Queen Studios有权直接将该违规行为进行处理,并对该违规行为不承担任何责任。
  • Queen Studios将通过PayPal或LianLian向您收费,但Queen Studios不会向您询问任何信用卡详细信息,请谨防受骗。如果您收到自称是Queen Studios的公司或个人的任何可疑电子邮件,要求您提供敏感信息,请将此报告至customerservice@nwatoy.com,并且不要分享任何私人信息。
  • 本站使用的时区为中国标准时间(UTC+8)。
  • 当您在执行订单时,即视为您已阅读、理解并同意我们的条款。
  • 本文件以中英文发布,两者如有不同,以中文含义为最终依据。


 客户(下称“您”),对于PayPal付款,您应事先同意PayPal的计费协议。您应遵守与PayPal单独签订的条款。特别提醒,如果您与PayPal之间发生任何争议,由您和PayPal之间自行负责解决,Queen Studios概不负责。

  • 您可选择一次性付款、先定金后尾款或每月分期付款。对于一次性付款,Queen Studios将在商品正式发货前向您收取全额货款。对于每月分期付款,Queen Studios将在所有分期付款完成后开始准备向您发货。
  • 在订购商品之前,您有责任确保您的PayPal账户中有足够的余额来支付每月的付款,或者在PayPal中有其他付款方式以确保付款。
  • 您有义务支付全额定金,以担保以您名义订购的商品。
  • 如果您的财务状况发生变化或您无法支付最终预订的费用,您可以申请退款。但是,Queen Studios将收取5%的手续费,定金不予退还。
  • 所有客户均享有24小时冷静期,有权要求退还不可退还的定金。冷静期从在线上商店处理订单的时间开始,一旦24小时期限过去,客户将不再有资格退还不可退还的定金。
  • Queen Studios将在商品正式发货前向您收取商品价格的余款,具体以Queen Studios的邮件通知为准。
  • 无论是预订商品还是库存商品,下单及\或售出不支持退款退货,请您理性订购及消费。
  • 对于违规交易或违规付款客户,Queen Studios有权对违反规定的行为进行处理,包括但不限于取消订单、禁止购买、暂停或终止服务等。
  • 对于上述规则,Queen Studios有权根据法律法规的调整、经营环境的变化等因素对本规则进行不时的修改,修改后的规则自公布之日起生效。
  • 当您在执行订单时,即视为您已阅读、理解并同意我们的条款。
  • 本文件以中英文发布,两者如有不同,以中文含义为最终依据。