San Diego Comic Con 2022 Review

San Diego Comic Con Review

July brought one of the most important pop culture festivals, San Diego Comic Con. A convention for all things strange and wonderful; and after almost three years of dark times, it was Queen Studios time to display some hyper-realistic collectables at this year’s SDCC. Unfortunately, our Chinese team couldn’t attend this year, however we put our collectables in the hands of our brilliant partners….

The Collectables We Brought

Doctor Strange

SDCC was a hit. Our partners really did hit the ground running this year; and our collectables gave them a helping hand. Here’s what the guy’s over at the Queen Studios SDCC booth brough with them.

1/1 Scale Captain America Bust

Handcrafted by our team, this movie-accurate bust has a body, base, and hammer made from polystone. This statue marks a milestone for the Queen Studios team, it was our first USA release.

1/1 Scale Doctor Strange Bust

This 1/1 life-size bust is inspired by Doctor Stephen Strange from Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange (2016). Like our Captain America bust it too is available in USA. This is another first for the team, it is our first ever Doctor Strange collectable, and you bet it won’t be our last.

1/1 Scale Loki Bust

Our third life size hyper-realistic bust brought to SDCC was our fully outfitted Loki bust. This one is one of our favourites. It’s our second time working with the character in full size, and this time the team have gone all out.

1/2 Captain America Statue

Finally, our last addition to the festival was our 1/2 scale Captain America statue. This one is a great collectable for fans who love hyper-realism and statues. It stands at 109cm and is the centre piece of any room it is in.

What the Fans Thought

Doctor Stange with the Fans


Although the Queen Studios’ booth at the SDCC wasn’t the focus of the convention, our hyper realistic busts and statues did manage to turn some heads. Our team received a massive amount of appraise for our collectables. Fans from all over the world wanted to know how to get their hands on an Original Queen Studios’ collectable. We even had Myth Buster’s Adam Savage in on the hype… Cheers Adam!

Queen Studios Official Giveaways

Giveaway Queen Studios


To honour Queen Studios debut at San Diego Comic Con 2022, the QS team prepared a few awesome giveaways for the fans. The first giveaway was a collector survey giveaway, for the fans at home. Our second giveaway was a QS Photo Giveaway for the folks who attended SDCC, which you can check out here. Our final giveaway, and biggest of the 2022 San Diego Comic Con, the team have minted 100 limited edition coins. These coins are exclusively available for those who attended the event and to commemorate Queen Studios first time attending the show. The team have received a huge response to all our competitions, and we’ll be picking winners soon enough, so stay tuned.

And that’s it for SDCC 2022, we would like to thank everybody for their support, not just at SDCC, bust over the past 4 years and during the pandemic. We would also like to thank everybody who attended SDCC, and for everyone who said hi at the booth, and good luck to everyone who the Queen Studios competitions.



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Post by Luke Wainhouse