Discover the Magic: Queen Studios and INART at the Beijing Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival Beijing 2023

Exciting Times Ahead at the Beijing Wonder Festival

As the Wonder Festival in Beijing approaches, Queen Studios and INART are gearing up for an extraordinary showcase. Located at booth 5A-24 in the Beijing Shougang Convention Center, we're eager to present a diverse range of collectibles that embody our passion for creativity and artistry. This festival is more than an event; it's a vibrant celebration of fandom and the art of collectibles, offering a journey full of discovery from the latest updates to previews of future releases.

Finding Us at the Festival

Navigating the expansive Wonder Festival in Beijing is straightforward when searching for Queen Studios and INART. We're stationed at booth 5A-24, ready to greet you with our latest offerings. Just look for our banner, and you'll know you've found the right spot.

Find Queen Studios at Wonder Festival Beijing

Highlighting Our Featured Collectibles

Among the highlights, we're thrilled to showcase the Harry Potter Life-Size Bust from Queen Studios, a must-see for fans. Additionally, INART will feature a selection of our finest works, each crafted with the utmost attention to detail and creativity.

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Celebrating Collectible Artistry & Staying Updated

Join us at the Beijing Wonder Festival for an immersive experience in art, creativity, and fandom. Embrace the wonders of collectible artistry with Queen Studios and INART, and discover why the best is always on the horizon.

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  • Rob Hoskins

    Hi there
    I saw on Instagram that you guys made a xenomorph statue (incredible btw) and your site says it’s out of stock, if you got them back in stock (or even made a re-issue etc) would you ship to Canada?
    Fantastic work!!
    Many thanks

    Rob hoskins

  • 王小龙

    good !!