Queen Studios Second Anniversary - Story Behind The Studio

Queen Studios Second Anniversary Story Behind the Studio

"Our mission is to make the world's most realistic statues and busts. Together with the help of fans and partners, we hope to inspire a new generation of collectors to join our community."

By now, most collectors are familiar with Queen Studios and the body of work we've created in just two short years. But what isn’t quite clear, is how Queen Studios came to be one of the most exciting new studios in collecting.

As we celebrate Queen Studios’ second anniversary, we’d like to share with you the Story Behind The Studio.


Siegar the Stormlord Queen Studios Original Concept

If you’ve read our origin story on our website, by now you’ll know that we started out as a group of artists with a love of collecting and a passion for art. As friends do, we discussed how amazing it would be to make our own collectibles. And on one seemingly average day, we decided it was time to stop talking, and start doing.

To get started, we got to work on Siegar The Stormlord. Siegar was an original concept design based on a mythical Norse God. He had an intense stare with a grimacing expression. His face was covered in battle scars, and his nose was pierced with animal bones. Made of top-grade silicone, Siegar looked incredibly realistic, almost like he’d travelled to our time from a much darker age. Siegar was a passion project to begin with, but we soon realised that we had what it took!


C.B Cebulski Editor in Chief Marvel and Queen Studios

As our art and fan art began to gain recognition online, we soon grabbed the attention of C.B Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief at Marvel. C.B was vaguely familiar with some of our artists, but as soon as he saw our work, he was more than happy to rekindle the connection and introduce our small studio to the powers that be at Marvel. Before we knew it, we were given the go-ahead to make our first hyper-realistic Marvel collectible out of silicone, and the Loki 1:1 life-size bust was born.


Loki at Shanghai Comic Con 2018 Queen Studios

In 2018, we finalised the Marvel License and Queen Studios was officially established! With the Marvel License approved, the Terminator 2 3D License followed shortly after. At this time, the Queen Studios team decided to hit the road to show collectors what we’d been working on.

Shanghai Comic Con was our first major convention and the reception was incredible. The Queen Studios name started to gather buzz on social media and we were getting some much needed momentum. Before long, our Loki statue was even recognised by actor Tom Hiddleston, and we released the Iron Spider and Iron Man Mark 50 busts selling out in a matter of days. By the end of the year, we were well and truly on our way thanks to the support from the collector community.


Queen Studios Wonder Woman Bust Before and After

In 2019, the Queen Studios team secured the rights to make DC Collectibles in China pioneering DC’s first silicone busts in the Mainland. With the new license in the bag, we didn’t have much time until our first major event of the 2019, Wonder Festival Shanghai.

Behind the scenes, our artists were hard at work on one of our most challenging busts yet, the life-size Wonder Woman bust. Less than a year before, the world was introduced to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the tittle role. Strong, heroic and stunningly beautiful, it quickly became apparent that Gal would revive DC’s most famous female superhero and inspire the next generation of young movie goers and collectors.

With this in mind, we decided to show an early look of the new bust. Perhaps this was our first big fail. The Gal Gadot Wonder Woman portrate had to be perfect, and we weren’t quite there yet. But undeterred, we knew the event gave us an incredible opportunity to get fan feedback and identify where we went wrong.

After Wonder Festival, it was back to the drawing board and a complete redesign of the Wonder Woman bust. We’re now proud to say Wonder Woman looks one hundred times better and she’s been getting the recognition she deserves from fans and even Gal herself! In 2020, the final bust should be ready to roll and we can’t wait to hear what you think!


Alita Battle Angel Queen Studios Global License

As 2019 was drawing to a close, we finished the year strong with another hotly anticipated bust. This time, the character had a whole army behind her, the #Alitaarmy!

Earlier in 2019, we were lucky to sign a deal to make our first globally licensed collectible. The Alita Battle Angel life-size bust. Although the Alita movie didn’t quite get the recognition it deserved, the fanbase was strong and we were ready to make something they’d be proud of. The Alita Battle Angel bust with Berseker body soon set the internet on fire and we closed 2019 with a bang!


What ever happens don't go to 2020

To quote Doc Brown from Back To The Future, “Whatever happens, don’t go to 2020!”.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone around the world. Like most, we started the year with so much hope, before our expectations were quickly dashed with the arrival of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Following Chinese New Year, our factories experienced Government mandated closures, and when they were finally able to re-open, natural disasters struck most of China with severe rain and floods in Guangzhou. The Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 50 Life-size busts should have finished shipping just after Chinese New Year, but with a series of severe setbacks, we’ve been delayed a long time.

This year, we’re really feeling the pressure, not only from the pandemics affect on business, but also our ability to deliver the best to our collectors. The MK50 is a prime example. We know we've let people down with delays, but our philosophy and mission is to create the most realistic and lifelike collectibles of the highest quality. With this in mind, we don’t want to ship substandard collectibles. If you have bought an Iron Man bust, we hope you can remain patient just a little longer, it will be worth it!


New Marvel Scales Queen Studios 2020

Despite major setbacks, we do have some positive news from this year. The Queen Studios team have been given the go ahead to make 1:2 scale and 1:4 scale statues for Marvel in Mainland China, as well as a few other territories in the region. Although most major exhibitions overseas have been cancelled, we hope that you can join us on social media as we share some of our latest work.

Hopefully, before long, life can return to some normality and we can see you in person!


Everyone in the Queen Studios team is gratefull for the opportunity to make collectibles. Without fans and collectors, none of this would be possible. We appreciate your support and we hope you can continue to support us for years to come!


Queen Studios Second Anniversary Giveaway Joker-clown mask

To celebrate Queen Studios second Anniversary, we wanted to give back to our fans by giving away one of our newest collectibles.

One lucky fan won The Dark Knight Joker-Clown Mask life-size prop replica. Congrats to Marco R. from Switzerland, the lucky winner! 



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    Will the xenomorph bust ever be available in the US

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    I love your Hulk nice Job 👍

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    会有音乐系列 ?
    如 KISS , MJ,黄家驹雕像,1/6 可能性
    高吗? 谢谢 Queen Studios !!!

  • Forrest Dorsett

    You guys do amazing work I am a big fan your work is genius your detail is amazing I will definitely be purchasing a statue in the future maybe another Black Panther or Ken shin keep up the brilliant work

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