Queen Studios November Review

Queen Studios 2019 Review

With the holidays soon approaching and big sales days on the horizon, money gets a little tight for many of us around the world. In China, we’ve just celebrated Double 11 which is probably the world’s biggest sales day. For Queen Studios, Double 11 marked the Pre-Order for the 1:3 Joker.

Before December officially gets into full swing, we want to give you a quick recap of the month just passed. If you missed the Joker PO, fear not, we have other projects on the horizon which we hope can make up for it.

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1:3 Heath Ledger Joker Pre-Order

Queen Studios 1:3 Joker Pre-Order November 2019

After New York Comic Con we had a lot of feedback for the 1:3 Joker. With less than a month to our planned pre-order date, we had a lot of work to do. In this short time we were able changes to the head sculpt, which you can learn more about in our story behind the Joker blog post.

Although the Joker wasn’t quite ready, we had a tough decision to make. Should we start the pre-order, or should we hold on? At the moment, we can only sell our DC statues and busts in China. With only a few days until November 11th (China’s biggest sales event), we decided that the time was right to start the pre-order. Although this was publicised in China, we weren’t able to make the announcements for our international fans.

Understandably, many overseas fans were disappointed. The 1:3 Special Edition Joker sold out in less than 2 hours. Although we have sold out, we are working hard to make our collectibles more available globally. In 2020, we’re looking at more partnerships that will make this happen. If you’re disappointed that you missed the 1:3 scale Heath Ledger Joker, you still have time. We’re planning on releasing more 1:3 and 1:2 scale Joker collectibles.


Queen Studios 1:1 Black Panther Bust Now Shipping

The Queen Studios 1:1 Black Panther bust is one of our favourites. Although seemingly a simple bust, we think it has a certain charm that makes it different from the usual. You can learn more about what we think makes the bust unique in the story behind the Black Panther bust post.

In November, we got some great news. The busts have all been finished ahead of schedule. If you have secured one of these bad boys, you can expect yours to arrive in the next few months.

For European Fans, we still have some stock available through our authorised European Partners. There’s still time to pick one up. But wait, there’s more! If you’re lucky, there could be a chance to get one for free! Keep your eyes peeled for updates and follow the Queen Studios Europe page.


Queen Studios At Toulouse Game Show 2019

It’s crazy to think that Queen Studios is only a baby. We’ve been around for 18 months now, but things move fast! As we’re working on expanding our coverage area to more countries, we’re over the moon to have secured a partnership in the EU.

Our European Partners have been working hard to promote the Queen Studios brand. Although it takes time to get the word out, they haven’t waited around to spread the word. Earlier in November the team took Loki and the Iron Spider to Paris Games Week, and at the end of November, they’ve made their way to Toulouse to display the Black Panther to new fans in Europe.

If you do live in Europe, we’re planning on holding an event in 2020 at our partner’s home in Strasbourg. We’ll give you plenty of notice so that you can make your way over of you live in the surrounding areas.


December Preview What To Expect

We know December is a crazy month. For most countries, it's holiday season. But we have some exciting updates that we’re sure could rival the arrival of old Saint Nick. If all goes to plan (which we’re really hoping they do), a certain Battle Angel could be ready. If that’s not enough, we have some announcements of some much anticipated busts on the way, as well as the final images of the MK50.

December is shaping up to be an unforgettable month. Make sure you check your email inbox and newsfeed for exciting updates!



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