Queen Studios' Darkseid Life-Size Bust

Queen Studios' Darkseid Life-size Bust

The Queen Studios team is proud to introduce the limited edition Darkseid Life-size bust inspired by the tyrannical Lord of Apokilips from Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The Darkseid 1/1 Bust first debuted at Wonder Festival 2021 as a greyscale 3D model and concept piece alongside the Steppenwolf 1/1 bust. At this time, fandom won out with the Snydercut being released in March of the same year. With such fanfare, many collectible companies were quick to release new Justice League pieces. The Darkseid and Steppenwolf busts both received a lot of attention from international collectors, but with a packed schedule, the QS team decided the time wasn’t right.

Today, after almost 2 years, Queen Studios is proud to introduce the life-size Darkseid bust which is now available in Europe and the Middle East.

From its powerfully imposing stance to the realistic texture of Darkseid's skin, the bust is a movie accurate depiction of one of DC’s most imfamous villains. To bring the character to life and add an extra dynamic for display, the QS team have included a whole host of special features and detailing which can be seen in the 360 video in this post.

A lot of hard work has gone into this bust to make sure it leaves lasting impression in your home collection. Capture the majesty of the ultimate villain! Click the button below to learn more and pre-order.



The Darkseid Life-size bust is now available to pre-order from the Queen Studios online store in Europe and the Middle East. Click the button below to learn more and pre-order!

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