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The Batman Bruce Wayne Sixth Scale Figure

INART is proud to introduce the new Bruce Wayne sixth scale figure inspired by Robert Pattinson's portrayal of the young Gotham billionaire from the hit 2022 film, The Batman. 

In this post, you can learn more about the figure and acessories in much more detail. 


The suit version ia available with a Bruce Wayne head sculpt with rooted hair, or one with sculpted hair. Bruce's head can look up and down, and will include an eye rolling system. 

Both versions depict Bruce Wayne in a decadent and melancholic stance, in what could be considered as his alter ego, as the Riddler explains, The Batman is his true self.

The Batman Bruce Wayne Sixth Scale Figure Head Sculpt


To recreate the cashmere coat worn by Bruce Wayne in the film, the team made many experimental adjustments to the fabric and and tailoring. Finally, we decided on a material and shape of the coat. Then the hem of the coat was built with metal wire to make it easier to make the coat drape. The left breast of the coat is opened, along with the sides of the jacket where Bruce’s hands can be placed.

Bruce Wayne Sixth Scale Figure Coat


Bruce Wayne's suit includes Bruce wearing a three-piece suit. The suit is pressed as not to easily wrinkle or deform. The suit shirt has a French design, and the pattern of the tie is also recreated from the movie.

Bruce Wayne Sixth Scale Figure Three Piece Suit


In the film, Alfred gives Bruce the Wayne family cufflinks before he goes out, and the plot is subtle and has a lot of character interaction.The cufflinks also became a classic element capturing the Batman fans's heart.

Bruce Wayne Sixth Scale Figure Cufflinks


Hand accessories included by INART are the dollar tip paid to the waiter and the car keys of Wayne's Corvette C2. It not only improves the integrity of the figure from small details, but also implements these accessories closely related to the characters and the plot. In particular, the protest signs held to make the figure seem to return to the movie scene. The strong contrast between the noisy protesting citizens and Wayne who was alone, Wayne who was watched by the flash and the eyes, and Batman who was hidden in the dark.

Bruce Wayne Sixth Scale Figure Accessories


The Batman Sixth Scale Figure Protest Signs


Bruce Wayne version includes one pair of open hands, one pair of handshake hands,one pair of money holding hands and one pair of key holding right hand. Wayne's movements in the film are restored from multiple angles, and the details of Wayne's hand scars are also restored in detail.

Bruce Wayne Sixth Scale Figure Switch-out Hands


The black Oxford style leather shoes worn by Bruce Wayne have also been recreated. This decorative addition signifies Wayne’s aristocratic roots.

Bruce Wayne Sixth Scale Figure Leather Shoes


Like our Batman version, the suit version also includes a riddle card set.

Riddler Card Set Sixth Scale Bruce Wayne Figure


The figure is matched with the scene floor based on the base of the knight statue in front of the town hall funeral scene, and adopts a subtle and elegant design, which juxtaposes the dark and gloomy atmosphere of Gotham City. The Wayne family logo is on the face of the base.

Terrace Base


The Batman-Bat Signal is made according to the Settings in the movie, including the light, the opening and closing of the foldout, and the rotation and playability of the lamp barrel. Fine rain washing mixed with the soil color, the old deformation treatment of the fold, and the depiction of mechanical engineering details make the Batman Bat-Signal more authentic, The Batman & Bruce Wayne Deluxe Edition includes this signal, but you can also buy it separately.

The size of the Bat-Signal is 270MM (H) x 230MM (W) x 310MM (D). In Inches, the size is estimated to be 10.6 (H) x 9 (W) 12 (D). The materials include  ABS, Diecast Metal and Acrylic.

The Batman Bat Signal

INART - The New Batman: Batman & Bruce Wayne 1/6 collectible figures are on pre-sale now.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy INART’s New Batman collectable.


  • Trev

    When is the release date and what is the price of this item?

  • Stan

    I think the texture of the cowl needs to be weaker, it overpowers the stitches. Also the nose in the movie should not be visible as well. I hope they make this change to fix this issue because the cowl is number one priority in a Batman figure.

  • Quill

    How much

  • Quill

    How much

  • Jamie

    What are the dimensions of the bat signal and how is it powered? Batteries, usb, plug?

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