Queen Studios' May 2022 Review

Queen Studios 2022 May Review

May has been a great month for Queen Studios. If you don't follow us on social media, here is a May Review to get you up to speed.

In this post we'll be covering May's pre-orders, Paris Fan Festival, a new partnership in the United States and a brand new payment plan service through Paypal which should make it easier for you to pay down some collectibles.

1/4 Scale Iron Man Mark 42 Statue


Let's first kick off with Iron Man! This 1/4 scale Iron Man Mark XLII statue is Queen Studios 'most complex Iron Man statue to date. It’s a big deal for the Queen Studios team. The full body of this armor is sculpted with delicate lines, contours and minute details. These minute details, along with the added aging of the armor are the reasons why this 1/4 collectable has been taken some time to develop.

Queen Studios' Optimus Prime VS Megatron Statue


Queen Studios is happy to announce their cooperation with artist Boda (博达) for this epic Transformers collectible statue. 

Inspired by the final fight scene from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Every mechanical aspect of both transformers has been meticulously designed, accounting for every joint and every weapon. Standing looking down is Optimus Prime, he is about to strike Megatron who is beneath him. Unquestionably, this Optimus Prime vs Megatron statue is one of Queen Studios' most detailed designs so far!

InArt 1/6 Scale Gandalf Statue


Following the release of 1/6 The Dark Knight The Joker collectible figure, we are proud to share with you another 1/6 collectible figure from our InArt: Gandalf. As before, our team have chosen the finest materials to bring collectors the quality that our company is known for. 

So far, we've had some incredible feedback from the community and we will use these valuable insights to improve our 1/6 scale figures! 

1/1 Scale Doctor Strange Life-size Bust


This 1/1 scale, Life-size Doctor Strange bust captures Stephen Strange from Marvel Studios' 2016 debut movie, Doctor Strange. This bust captures the likeness of actor Benedict Cumberbatch with incredible accuracy and only 200 pieces are available. If you're going to San Diego Comic Con this year, be sure to check it out in person!

Paris Fan Festival

Paris Fan Festival

May 7th and 8th was the first edition of the Paris Fan Festival, a brand-new show that was keen to mix the different worlds of pop culture, with comics, manga, series, films, but also video games. Check out what Queen Studios presented at the festival here.


Now Available at Sideshow Queen Studios

The Queen Studios team is pleased to announce that some of our Life-size Marvel busts will be available to order across the USA directly from Sideshow. Pop culture collectibles giants Sideshow have announced a new distribution deal with Queen Studios.

This will be the very first time that collectors can find select Queen Studios collectibles via Sideshow, giving customers the ability to earn Sideshow rewards on their purchases. Collectors will also have access to Sideshow's industry-leading customer support team, and flexible payment plans to better suit their collecting budget. Those who miss out on securing these highly sought after and limited edition pieces can now also use Sideshow's Waitlist Reservation feature.

Collectors can now pre-order Queen Studios busts at Sideshow now! 

Payment Plan

Queen Studios Payment Plan


We have an important notice regarding payment subscriptions/payment plans. Queen Studios are happy to announce that you can now purchase our products via a payment plan service. The payment plan will allow customers to purchase our products via PayPal. You can read more about the service here.

What To Expect In June

As we roll into summer, the QS Team have some big new pre-orders on the way. The team will get the ball rolling with a new Jurrasic World Blue and Beta 1/7 Scale Statue . Following this statue, we're hoping to release at least one or two fiigures from InArt and even the first Avenger may return along with a life-size companion. 



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