Queens Chronicle - May 2021 Collector News

The Queen's Chronicle - Collector News May 2021

May is well under way and the Queen Studios team are excited to share some interesting news and updates with you for the rest of this month and next. See some of the highlights below.

  • Iron Man Mark 85 1/2 Statue Pre-Order
  • Alibaba Design Week: Founder Jack Ma Stops By!
  • New Hyperrealistic Joker 1/2 Scale Statue
  • May Pre-Orders
  • June: Countdown To Wonder Festival


Iron Man Mark 85 1/2 Statue By Queen Studios

At the end of April, the QS team were delighted to start pre-orders for the 1/2 scale Iron Man Mark 85 statue. Fans of Tony Stark and his armor’s have been contacting us for a while to see which suit would follow the MK7 and the MK50. And in April, we made our announcement.

The Mark LXXXV is Tony Starks’ eighty fifth and final aromor. You will know the suit from Endgame, and perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in the MK85 armour as he utters the immortal words, “I am Iron Man” one last time.

The limited edition statue inspired by the movie is now available directly from the Queen Studios store for collectors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and South Korea. European collectors can still order while stocks last from Deriv store.

You can also learn more about the making of the statue on the story behind the statue post.


Alibaba Design Week Jack Ma Visits the Queen Studios Display

Alibaba is one of the world’s largest tech/e-commerce companies based in the beautiful city of Hangzhou China. As one of China’s most innovative company’s, Alibaba likes to celebrate design and innovation, shining a spotlight on up and coming designers and brands.

This year, Queen Studios was invited to attend the event, and represent the collectibles community in the world of art and design. Thanks to the incredible work of our team. Our work didn’t fail to grab the attention of Alibaba founder Jack Ma. As he walked through the main hall, he was stopped in his tracks at the sight of the Queen Studios 1/1 Joker bust!

The event has given the QS team a chance to show the true skill of the designers in our industry, and even educate the Chinese design community on how awesome our hobby is.

As we approach convention season, this was a perfect warm-up before we attend the big shows in June and July.


Hyperreal 1/2 Scale Joker Statue Queen Studios

“Introduce me as Joker…”

In 2019, Queen Studios CEO Jason was in New York for the incredible New York Comic Con. After the event was over, he and a few other team members sat down in the AMC theatre to watch a little film starring Joaquin Phoenix, directed by Todd Phillips called “JOKER”.

As “White Room” by Cream bellows from the black speakers in the ageing theater, the big screen shows Arthur Fleck (Joker) looking out of the Police Car’s window as Gotham City plunges into chaos. Jason knew we had to make a series of collectibles inspired by this incredible movie.

In the year and a half since the screening, the QS team are proud to announce the new hyperreal 1/2 scale Joker statue.

Queen Studios second 1/2 scale statue from DC, this is the first since Aquaman to feature a full silicone head sculpt of which we’ve become famous for. As always, for this limited edition collectible, we haven’t let up on quality. The statue features custom tailored mixed media clothing, and a movie inspired base.

The DC piece will be available in Mainland China, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Brazil while stocks last.

It’s our sincerest hope that you’re as inspired by this statue, as we were by the movie.


May Pre-Orders What To Expect

With only two weeks left of May, and the announcement of the Joker, the QS team are preparing one more Pre-Order before we countdown to Wonder Festival Shanghai.

So far, it’s looking like we could be revealing a new Marvel bust for the end of the month, or a 1/4 DC statue. If you have any ideas, guesses, or requests, make sure you drop them in the comments and we can pass them on to our artists.


Countdown To Wonder Festival Shanghai 2021

Finally, the news that you have been waiting for. Wonder Festival 2021! As indoor events are slowly returning at low capacity, one of China’s largest Con’s returns for another year of spectacular action.

The Queen Studios team will be attending for the third time, and will be pulling out all of the stops. For us, this is our biggest challenge of the year, it’s time to go hard, or go home.

As we prepare for the event, we’d love to hear what you want to see displayed. You can see the full list from our Phase 1 and Phase 2 plan for a sign of what’s to come. But as always, we want to hear from you directly, and learn about what you’re waiting for!




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  • Leigh

    Would love a Thor or Captain America bust from endgame please!

  • Gilbert S

    Hope to hear about 1/3 Dark Knight Selina Kyle Catwoman pre-order soon 😜😜

  • Mat

    Will you do a 1/4 Darkseid from ZSJL??
    Intensely waiting for your 1/4 Dark Knight Bale as well. More power QS team! :)

  • Eli Walsh

    Wanting a 1/4 Superman Statue most! Or perhaps a 1/4 Dark Knight statue to pair up with your Quarter scale Ledger Joker.

  • Majed Dafterdar

    Will the 1/4 comic Batman be revealed?