Queen Studios July Review

July Review Queen Studios 2022

July is over and the Queen Studios’ team have been busy showing off our new pre-orders and attending the biggest pop-culture festival on the planet, San Diego Comic Con where we gave away some exciting giveaways. So, if you managed to enter our giveaways, good luck! Here is Queen Studios’ review of July 2022.

1/2 Iron Spider-Man


Queen Studios’ first pre-order of the month was the Marvel’ Avengers Iron Spider-Man. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will have to use his wit, strength, and Spider Sense to help other heroes stop Thanos from enacting his master plan to collect all the Infinity Stones. This 1/2 scale statue reimagines the Iron Spider-man, just the way we saw him in the Infinity Saga.

1/4 Iron Man Mark 85


Queen Studios released a double whammy this month. And the first statue of this double delight was the 1/4 scale Iron Man Mark 85. The Mark 49, or the ‘Rescue’ armor as it is known as. Is a custom armor created by Stark for his partner Pepper Potts. This Queen Studios’ 1/4 scale collectable is an Iron Man/Marvel fan must buy. Look below!

1/4 Iron Man Mark 49


The second collectable in our July double whammy is the Queen Studios’ 1/4 scale Iron Man Mark 49. This collectable reimagines Stark’s final suit of armor. It pairs perfectly with QS’ 1/4 scale Iron Man Mark 85. Check out this QS collectable below.

SDCC 2022 Giveaways Activities


To celebrate Queen Studios’ debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, the Queen Studios’ team arranged a special limited-edition giveaway for those who attended the pop culture event. For this Comic Con, the QS team produced 100 exclusive coins. These coins were only available for those who attended the event. The feedback from collectors that got their hands on these limited edition collectibles was so overwhelming that the team are thinking of creating some more unique pieces for upcoming events. 

Survey Competition


As the Queen Studios community grows larger and larger, feedback becomes more and more important, it allows us to refine the things we’re doing right and try to correct the things we might not be doing right. To celebrate Queen Studios debut at San Diego Comic Con 2022, the QS team held a survey competition. This was a great way for our team to learn how to improve your experience, and also reward you for doing so. If you did enter the competition, please check your inbox and junk folder as the winners have been emailed. 

Photo Competition

Winner's Giveaway

Queen Studios’ final competition of convention season was QS’ photo competition, where Queen Studios’ gave the fans who attended SDCC 2022 a chance to win some of our awesome new Merch. Fans had to take a photo of any Queen Studios collectible on display at booth #3229 at SDCC 2022. Then upload it to Instagram and tag Queen Studios. QS will choose 10 lucky winners! 


 In August the team have more pre-orders planned with some surpirses and highly anticipated pieces. 1/2 scale collectors should keep an eye out for a new Iron Man armour, while INART 1/6 collectors could finally get to see the 1/6 The Batman. 


And that’s it for July. The convention season has started and there have been some brilliant reveals so far. Make sure to subscribe to Queen Studios Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, to keep up to date with all our releases and pre-orders, that’s it for this month, see you guys soon.




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Post by Luke Wainhouse

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  • Eli

    Will we be getting a Superman 1/4 scale comic piece eventually? Not talking about the Museum piece that I already have on preorder.