Doug Kramer Collector Story

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Collector Stories gives us a chance to speak to our fellow collectors, get to know them, see their collections and get some inspiration. 

In this post, we speal with former PBA (Philippins Basketball Association) player Doug Kramer as he shares his incredible collection and his story. 

Team Kramer Bust Collection

1. Hey Doug, Can You Briefly Introduce Yourself?

My name is Doug Kramer, I live in the Philippines, played professional basketball for 12 yrs, and now retired from playing.

I am very active on my social media showing my passion as a family man, investor, collector, ambassador and endorser. My instagram is @dougkramer and our family page is collectively known around the Philippines and Asia as Team Kramer. Our facebook and YouTube page is also under Team Kramer.

Doug Kramer PBA Bust and Statue Collection

2. How Long Have You Been Collecting? Why Did You Start?

Since 2013 I’ve been collecting life size busts, but only passionately collecting since 2019. I started to collect because I’m a movie buff. When I discovered I can collect memorabila or collectibles that represent my favorite movie/show characters at home, it was just hard to stop. I’m such a fan of detailed artwork and sculpture. It’s a good thing I have a Mancave to showcase these beautiful pieces of art.

Queen Studios Collector Stories Doug Kramer

3. What Was Your First Collectible?

My very first imported collectible was the Underworld Lycan. It’s heavy, menacing and realistic.

Doug Kramer Collection Queen Studios Alita Battle Angel Bust

4. Which Queen Studios One Is You And Your Family's Favourite?

It’s so hard to pick! Queen studios makes every bust unique and special to look at. But if I were to set aside one which I have stared at so much, its my Alita Bust! Her big round glass eyes, realistic hair, silicone skin! Her sword! Her movie accurate face and size, not to mention how heavy and sturdy the bust is, she surely steals the show every time we have guests over.

My family loves Alita as well, but a common favorite for them is my T-800 battle damaged Arnold bust and Loki bust which was signed by Tom Hiddleston at London Comic-Con 2021.

PBA Player Doug Kramer Full Collection

5. How Big Is Your Collection Now?

My main collection are life size busts, but I do have some ¼ scale avengers statues. I think I may have close to 60 life size busts. Some pre-orders still to come.

Doug Kramer Queen Studios Collection

6. What Do You Like Most About Queen Studios?

I love that Queen Studios puts time, effort and professionalism in the art that they do. They engage fans on social media and asks for collectors opinions and then listens to them. I believe that Queen Studios is still at its infancy, and the best has yet to come. Their unique pcs have only appreciated in value over time, which speaks of the high quality of work and dedication they bring to the fans around the world. Obviously, what I also love about Queen Studios is that their work is translated into beautiful works of art through their statues and busts. I can’t wait to add more QS to my collection!

Team Kramer Collection

7. Does Your Family Support Your Collecting Hobby?

Yes they do, obviously collecting is a luxury. So I make sure that my obligations as a father, husband and provider comes first. Anything in excess, I get to feed my passion. Family comes first. It’s never passion over family.

Team Kramer Family Collection

8. From Following You On Social Media, It Seems Your Kids Are Also Interested in Collectibles. Do They Want To Continue The Hobby?

Yes all my kids have their own collections, such as nendoroids, figmas, shopkins, and more. Even my wife has some unique items. She was featured in a Barbie toy during the 80s. So our passion for collecting is something we all love to do.

Queen Studios Captain America Bust Version 1

9. What Collectibles Are You Looking Forward To Pre-Order Next?

Avengers Assemble! I can’t wait for Thor, Doctor Strange and how QS is going to redo Captain America.

Team Kramer Doug Collection

10. How Do You Display Your Collectibles?

I have a basement mancave with a theater and playroom. With the space I have dedicated for my passion, I use customized and reinforced shelves around my Mancave to display my collection.

Kramer's Batman Collection

11. What's The Most Interesting Experience You Have Had While Collecting?

For me, it’s the journey and hunt trying to complete your collection. Sometimes, you wont be able to pre order and purchase all your favorites immediately. So when they get sold out, or you’re trying to find pieces you like to add to your collection, the hunt begins. Hahaha!

Collector Stories Queen Studios Doug Kramer

12. What Advice Would You Give To A New Collector?

  • Collect what you’re passionate about. If not, you’ll end up selling quick.

  • Don’t compromise family obligations. Collecting is a luxury.

  • Display your collection how you want it.

  • Find and trust only reliable sellers.

  • A collectors biggest problem is space, so prepare

  • If you have the wifey on your side, you’ll have more peace of mind! Hahaha!

  • Lastly, Queen Studios is one of the best in the world in making hyper realistic statues and busts, you won’t go wrong with them! And…buy them quick before their collections get sold out. If you wait too long, after-market prices will be ridiculously high. Pre order is the way to go!




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