Paul Atreides 1/6 Figure Shipping



Customers in the United States can enjoy Flat Rate domestic shipping. INART will cover costs of goods shipped from China to the USA. 

US customers will be billed when the figure is in the US warhouse in is ready to ship. Shipping costs are expected to be between $10-$20. Final cost may vary depending on future shipping rates. 


Customers in Australia and New Zealand can enjoy Free Shipping. Duties will be covered by INART, GST will be charged when final payment is due. 


Shipping to teh EU is expected to cost between $50-$100 USD for Express Delivery from China. Shipping will be charged when the figure is expected to ship. 

Duties and taxes are not included. Learn more about estimated costs here 


Customers in South East asia can drop ship direct from China. Customers can reuqest their preferred shipping company at the lowest rate at that time. Duties and Taxes are to be covered by local customers. 


Customers in Thailand pay for local shipping only. Taxes and duties will be covered by INART.