INART BVS Superman Figure Updates

Craftsmanship on Elevating the INART BvS Superman 1/6 Figure

In September 2023, the INART team officially put the BVS Superman sixth scale figure up for pre-order. But if we are to dig deeper into the story of this figure. We will have to start at the very beginning!


INART was established in 2021 by the team’s lead artist Viper. Viper recruited a skilled passionate team with the goal to innovate and create the next generation of sixth scale figures.

This goal is not just a slogan, but a philosophy and guiding principle. The team have implemented innovations that have been tested, but rarely used for licensed figures.

These innovations include seamless wrists with magnetic connections instead of pegs to reduce damages. Magnetic bases to avoid unsightly brackets. Detailed diorama bases to recreate movie moments. Premium materials to avoid flaking and peeling. Rooted hair for next level realism.


To help INART follow the guiding principles and create the next generation of sixth scale figures, one more piece of the puzzle is needed. This missing piece is community feedback, and this is where our story meets the Superman figure.

The INART team try to engage in the community as much as possible. The comments, posts and live streams are all invaluable in helping us create better collectibles.

For Superman, we debuted this figure at China Joy in July 2023. The overwhelming response from collectors and the community was clear. INART needed to do better. We took notes, screen shots and we got to work!


BVS Superman Sixth Scale Figure Battle Suit

For the BVS Superman Figure, INART has made adjustments to the battle suit. These adjustments include a larger emblem on Superman’s chest. The suit itself has been designed using cutting-edge screen printing technology to add even finer details. To support posing and articulation, the team have hand-picked materials that will stand the test of time.


INART BVS Superman Angry Expression Sculpt

After reading the comments, it was clear that the head sculpt needed some more work to capture the character’s likeness. Based on this feedback, the team have made improvements to the “angry expression” sculpt. The team have also added rooted hair for the bangs (fringe) which offers another level of realism that the first prototype at China Joy did not offer.


BVS Sixth Scale SUperman INART Calm Expression

Just like the angry expression. The collectors seemed to be in agreement that the calm expression needed work. With this being the consensus, the INART team Refined the facial features to look more like Henry Cavill, while also working on the integration between the head and neck to reduce visible seams.


BVS Superman Sizth Scale Figure Body

Superman is a strong heroic character and his physique is an important part of this depiction. At China Joy, the team displayed an early prototype, and the body was not up to scratch. The comments and feedback echoed our thoughts. Like the other changes, we got back to the drawing board and made some changes. The result is a body which is a much more accurate representation of Cavills’ chiselled frame.


Since the release more feedback has rolled in. INART will now assess the feedback and discuss what changes can be made. Although we can’t promise we will make them, we do promise we will take the comments into consideration. If not for this figure, but for future figures!


The BVS Superman Sizth Scale Figure by INART is now available directly from INART for collectors in Australia and New Zealand. Click the button below to learn more and PO!




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  • T

    Is there even a remote chance at getting even a possible (not guaranteed) US release date and price? Guesstimate, even, would be greatly appreciated. Regards

  • Kirk Allen Philbrick

    I really wish you have a laser pointer vision portrait. There is a custom Hot Toys Superman where the LEDs in the heat vision portrait were replaced with Laser Pointer lights making him seem to have real heat vision. You actually see red beams of light emanating from the figure’s eyes.

  • Mike

    Please at least have one more body update on the lower body proportions and neck. I promise you many collectors have noticed that it can be improved. The rest are spectacular. Thank you inart!!

  • James R.

    You’re a wonderful company, the fact that you are so open to what the consumer wants and you listen speaks volumes. The figures are on another level and I cannot wait to own several!