QS SEA Distribution Group

Queen Studios SEA Distribution Group is a joint venture created by two of South East Asia's fastest growing and well respected collectible retailers.

Their passion for the hobby (with their team members being avid collectors themselves) is fortified by the pedigree of their distribution background and experience. They currently have vast network of dealers and strategic partners throughout SEA regions. As the Official SEA Distributor for Queen Studios, they are fully focused and are committed to providing first class sales, services, and support to customers in South East Asia region for Queen Studios products.

Collectors and retailers in South East Asia can now order Licensed Marvel 1/1 and 1/2 scale statues and 1/1 life-size busts from the group, as well as Alita Battle Angel and the TGIF series. 

Hyper Real Statues and Busts South East Asia

Hyper-real Silicone Statues And Busts

With the help of collectors, Queen Studios is redefining expectations on reaslism in collecting. If you're looking to bring your favourite character home, make sure you take a look at our hyper-real statues and busts. 

Collectible Marvel Statues and Busts in South East Asia - Polystone

Polystone Statues And Busts

Queen Studios artists combine their passion, skills and experience to recreate your favourite Marvel characters. These polystone busts and statues feature incredible detailing using the latest technology to bring them to life. 

Queen Studios Original Art

If you're someone that appreciates high-quality original art, then you should check out our original designs. Queen Studios is working with some of Asia's finest artists to create new and interesting collectible statues for you, the discerning collector. 

Creation At Works Queen Studios Official SEA Distribution

South East Asia

QS Distribution Group

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