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Deriv' Store live and breathe pop culture and collecting. In 2015, they started helping collectors in France order their favourite statues and busts. Since then, they have built and excellent reputation, opening a store in Strasbourg France and welcoming fans from all over Europe to see their favourite brands.

With such an excellent reputation, Deriv' was recommended to Queen Studios by Marvel’s European license holder. Both companies share the same goal of delivering excellence, and together will achieve the mission of making the worlds most realistic statues and busts available in the EU.

Queen Studios Hyper Realistic Silicone Busts and Statues

Hyper-realistic Silicone Busts And Statues

Queen Studios is the first company in the world licesned by Marvel (and later DC in China) to make hyper-real silicone busts. These insanely life-like collectibles are soft to the touch and look just like the your favourite characters!

Polystone Statues By Queen Studios

Polystone Busts
And Statues

Polystone is the go to material for most artists, and Queen Studios' artists are becoming masters of the art form. Our statues are packed with intricate detailing using the latest techniques to bring your favourite characters to life. You can pre-order these incredible statues in the EU directly from Deriv. 

Queen Studios Original Art

Queen Studios
Original Art

Art is our passion, and thanks to Deriv, other collectors passionate about our work can collect these statues. Queen Studios don't only work with the major licenses from the movie industry. We also work with some of the finest artists in the world to create original pieces of art worthy of your collection.


Deriv' Store

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