The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Verse Trio 1/4 Statue - Story Behind The Statue

Story nehind the Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Verse Trio Statue

“Spider season is over! Its dirtbag season. Get 'em!” – Spider-Man

Following 2020's acclaimed animation adaptation of Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Verse comic. We thought we would complement such a unique story with its own statue. So, the Queen studios team are pleased to add The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Verse 1/4 Trio Statue to our collection. In this post, you can learn more about the making of this incredible collectible!


The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Verse Cover Concept

The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Verse is a tale of alternate realities, and what happens when they collide. This saga is home to almost every spider-powered individual. Making it a world first. But for those who are not avid comics fans. Here is a quick summary of Dan Slott’s & Olivier Coipel’s comic. The five-comic arc follows Morlun, and his family known as the Inheritors. As they make their way through different dimensions. Known as the Spider-Verse, behind them, they leave a trail of dead Spider-Men. Leaving the remaining spider-powered man, woman, or things (also known as Spider-Totems) to band together to put an end to Morlun’s chaos.


Morlun & The Inheritors, Spider-verse 1/4 Statue, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker, Spiderman

Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and Peter Parker lead the assault on Morlun. Morlun is a psychic vampire from Earth-001. After the spider-army have caught wind of Morlun and his plans. They assemble and meet the inheritors in their base of operations, the Loomworld. This final battle is our artist’s inspiration for the pose of our statue. The artists wanted to recreate the sense of unity and veracity this story flourishes.


Story Behind the Amazing Spider-Verse Trio Statue by Queen Studios

Our artists have put the story’s three protagonists in the spotlight. Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, and Peter Parker. This gives fans of both the comic and the animation a common ground. All three have different postures. But also, very dynamic poses. Giving the individual statues fighting like quality. Both Gwen and Peter have adopted the classic web-shooting pose. Parker is sat on Stacy’s left, facing forward on the base’s centrepiece rock. His left leg raised high as if he is about to attack. Gwen is at the centre of the statue; Facing forward as if she is about to come down with a wicked swing attack. Miles is stuck to the centre-piece rock to Gwen’s right. His legs raised high and his posture is tight. He is waiting for the right moment to attack.


The Spider-Verse Trio Base by Queen Studios

When we released official photos. We received a lot of comments and feedback from fans. This feedback commended the detail and design of the statue. Yet, fans did not think the base looked right. We are grateful for your opinion. We are currently doing everything we can to make suitable adjustments. 


Cheezy Does It!

Some of our North American fans have compared the base of having the likeness of ‘Cheese-Whizz’. Well, gee whiz guys, we are adjusting as type this, I can promise you one thing. Reviewing the final product will not make you hungry. Our artists have taken their inspiration for the final platform from The Amazing Spider-man Volume 3: Spider-Verse. It will include a light feature and the base of the statue will resemble smoke. Similarly, to the cover of the graphic novel’s paperback edition.


Insomniac's Spider-Verse

Unlike our movie statues and busts. Our comic adaptations do not have existing 3D data for our artists to work from. This is a given, as it is not expected from a comic. But our artists have already worked with the web-slinger in his comic form before. Rather than compare our artist’s 3D work to the comic, a better comparison would be to Insomniac’s Spider-Man games. As I write this post, the only character that is not included in their games is Gwen Stacy. You will see the muscle structures and suit designs are great adaptations. Much like Insomniac’s games, our 1/4 Spider-Verse Statue brings the drawing to life.


Spider-Man Spider-Verse Trio Painting

Since the source of this Spider-Man trio is the comics, the painting style must be strong and vibrant. To replicate the different characteristics of the three characters. Our artists used different textured paint to show different materials of clothing. The base has also been a big challenge for the team. Initially, we wanted to design a base that included elements of smoke and fire, with debris recognisable from a city scape.

However, as fans pointed out, the prototype looked more like exploding cheddar cheese. After taking the feedback on board, we have decided to make a series of changes that have been a big challenge. We have changed the smoke to a more translucent material and included internal lighting to emulate a more realistic explosion.


Spider-Verse 1/4 Statue, Spider-Man

 After months of hard work, the The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Verse 1/4 Statue we're excited to introduce the final statue to you! And we'd love to hear your thoughs in the comment section below the post. 

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Post by Luke Wainhouse

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