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Vision Behind the Bust Queen Studios
"I am sorry. That was... odd." ―Vision's first words

The Behind The Bust series allows you to see behind the scenes, and to have a glimpse into exactly what our team is doing. This includes everything from the initial 3D rendering all the way to the final finishing touches.

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We have been waiting for the right time to release our 1/1 Vision bust. We first thought the best time to release it would be in 2019. It was a great time; Vision had recently joined the Avengers in the MCU's Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Infinity War was soon to follow. 


Queen Studios Vision bust development setbacks

With all that said. We thought we’d hold out a little longer. And as we were ready to announce pre-orders. You guys offered some much-needed feedback. Which led to slight delays while some tweaks and changes (for the better) were being made. And what better time to start the pre-order? Than after the release of the successful WandaVision.

Wanda Vision is a surreal, drama mystery show which airs on Disney’s Disney+. The show follows Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda (The Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany as Vision. It is set three weeks after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Each episode following the two characters in a new decade and troupe. The two characters seem to be aware of the oddity of their existence. But the world's they roam comforts them into believing that everything is okay.


WandaVision Queen Studios Vision Collectible Bust

We released official images of our Vision Bust. yet, after some hiccups in production due to the uncertainty of the global pandemic. Further delays made our pre-ordering service slower than usual. But, with a little bit of normality returning, we are happy to get the pre-order back on track once again for our Vision bust.


Marvel's Vision Story behind the character

"Why does your "Vision" sound like J.A.R.V.I.S.?" "We reconfigured J.A.R.V.I.S.' matrix to create something new." ―Steve Rogers and Tony Stark

The MCU's Vision is a synthezoid made of Vibranium. Powered by one of the Infinity Stones, the Mind Stone. His body created by Ultron with the aid of Helen Cho during the events of Avengers Age of Ultron. Sort of Frankenstein’s monster, Vision was finaly brought to life by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as they hijacked Ultron's plans.

An amalgamation of Stark’s AI, J.A.R.V.I.S, one of Ultron’s Vibranium slave followers, and the Mind Stone, each part acts as a cog in the machine that is Vision. The AI is his flawless computer brain, the Vibranium his unique body and the Mind Stone that powers him.


Queen Studios' Vision Life-size bust pose

Bred from technology, Vision lacks an authentic human emotions. To convey a lack of authenticity in his emotional responses. Queen Studios' have decided to give the Vision bust a serious but aloof facial expression. Not to worry though, this pose does not take away the awesome power Vision holds within.


Queen Studios Vision Bust 3D Design

As frequent readers and fans will already know, the 3D process is the most strenuous part of the creation process. As this piece is a bust, our design team must consider every minute detail.

This process also determines how the bust will perform in the post sculpting process. Another important aspect to mention. If any detail or part of the bust is not sculpted correctly, the whole thing could fall a part loosing countless hours of hard work.  A possible example of this is the Vision Bust’s chest piece. It has many minuscule lines across its chest. If the designs are not outlined by the 3D sculpt the entire chest piece could cave in.


Queen Studios Vision bust Paintwork

Matching the colour of our bust to the original has its difficulties. As some of you will know, we create our colour palette from scratch. That's right, we do not receive the RGB colour code from our partners. Our team formulate the right colour through trial and error. Though this is time-consuming, but it is worth every second spent.

We're happy with the result of the Vision bust’s crimson finish. And we're also please with how we managed to capture Vision's teal suit that he wears in Avengers: Infinity War. So far, the feedback show's many of you are also impressed by the results. 


Vision Bust Design Changes

After the release of the official photos of the Vision bust in 2020. Many of you shared feedback on what you would like to see featured on the bust. In response to your thoughts, we had to delay the Vision bust to make some well-needed changes.

The first big change is fitting a light feature into the Mind Stone. After much consideration you guys were right. It is a much need aesthetic that reflects the Vision we know and love.

The other important change our team made was to add a cape to Vision. Remember back in Marvel Studios Avengers Age of Ultron? Within five minutes of his birth, Vision fashions himself a cape out of thin air. So, with Marvel’s approval for the addition of the cape. We’d like to offer thanks to all the fans that have helped make the final product every bit better.


Queen Studios' 1/1 Life-size Vision Bust Final Version

All that said, the Queen Studios' team are extremely proud to release another MCU bust. The process with the Vision bust was a little more strenuous than usual. Yet we've enjoyed every step. We hope you enjoy our 1/1 Queen Studios Vision Bust. We've got some awesome stuff in the works, so stay tuned.



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Post by Luke Wainhouse

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