Queen Studios Black Panther - Behind the Bust

Black Panther Behind the Collectible Bust

Creating a collectible Black Panther bust was no easy feat. As one of the newest members in the Avengers, there aren’t as many collectible busts for this character. Therefore, we wanted to make something unique and special for fans of the movie and the character.


Black Panther Concept Image

Each bust the Queen Studios team makes takes a lot of thought. We start with the concept, pour over hundreds of pictures, read about the character, and try and learn as much as we can. From there, we put together a concept design to show how we want the final bust to look.


Black Panther 3D Design

For the Black Panther Collectible, we wanted to make something that showed the character traits of T’Challa. He is brave, fearless, kind and often humorous. It’s hard to convey all of those emotions, so we started working on something that showed the noble and brave side of the character, after all, he is a king. The next step is to create a 3D design similar to the picture above.


Black Panther Collectible Microweave Mesh

The initial 3D design captured the closely fit panther habit with visible patterns. These patterns represent the micro-weave mesh of the Vibranium. A unique feature to the Panther Habit suit is that it can store kinetic energy from an attacking force. This energy can be stored and used later in battle. While it takes on more energy, it emits a purple glow. During this stage, we were thinking of different ways to show the suits ability, and we think we made it!


Black Panther Collectible Purple Glow Feature

To make a one of a kind Black Panther Collectible bust, we needed to add a unique feature. The purple glow is something special to this suit, so we knew we had to find a way to capture this. It’s no secret that florescent paint can seem invisible to the naked eye until a blue light is used. However, finding the right fluorescent paint we needed was very tricky, as we couldn’t find the right colour. To get an accurate colour, our artists mixed dozens of paints and kept trying until they found the right one. Eventually, with the correct application, we found a way to add the paint so that it didn’t affect the bust, and would be visible under blue light.


Hidden Wakandan Text on Black Panther

T’Challa’s Panther Habit suit has been one of our favorite busts to make. Although it appears to be very simple, there are a lot of hidden details that can be uncovered. The purple glow was just one feature, the other? The hidden text!

Fans of the movie may have seen unusual symbols or characters when the suit glows. In the age of the internet, nothing stays a mystery for very long. Some eagle eyed viewers and super fans discussed possible meanings on Reddit, before one fan discovered that the text in fact said, “I love you mom”. You can create your own message in Wakandan at https://typewakanda.com/ For the Queen Studios Black Panther 1:1 bust, we also included the text to be true to the movie. Each bust comes with a blue light so that you can reveal the hidden words!


Black Panther Claw Necklace

The final piece of the puzzle that needed to be included was the claw necklace. Although not a heavy feature in the comic books, the claw necklace is a stand out in the movie. Not only does the necklace symbolize the panther, it also has a feeling of a crown. Besides decoration, the necklace has functionality. Thanks to Shuri’s design (T’Challa’s younger sister), the suit can be manifested almost instantly allowing T’Challa to become the Black Panther in the blink of an eye.


Black Panther Final Bust

Once all is said and done, we are left with our interpretation of the Black Panther. For any collector who is looking for an inspiring character to add to their collection, the Black Panther is deffinitely worth considering. (Now Avaiable in Europe)



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