Queen Studios 1/4 Thanos Story Behind The Statue

Queen Studios 1/4 Scale Thanos Story Behind The Statue

For many Marvel fans, Thanos is not a typical villain. Thanos’ plan is to destroy half of all life in the universe, in effect saving the universe. However drastic and absurd his intentions seem, he justifies his actions for the greater good.

Before gathering the six infinity stones. The Mad Titan spent his time jumping from world to world. Randomly Killing half off their population, because these planets were each separately plagued by famine, lack of resources, or overpopulation. What’s more, Thanos believed his actions would fix these problems. Bringing a ‘balance’, to each planet’s lifeforms.

After Thanos defeated the Avengers and successfully collected all six infinity stones. He no longer had to jump from world to world. Once unified, the stones gave Thanos awesome power. Turning him into an invincible godlike being. Whose wants and desires could now become a reality with a snap of his fingers.


Inspiration behind the 1/4 Thanos Statue Queen Studios

The inspiration for this design, comes from the most recent MCU Avengers instalment, The Avengers: Endgame. Thanos faces three formidable challengers, Captain America, Iron-Man, and Thor. The Titan born warrior is sat in ruins, legs-apart holding the hilt of his blade, which is stood next to him. He contemplates his motives for future destruction, as the contenders stand in-front off him.

"I thought by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive. But you have shown me. that is impossible. And as long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be."

We’ve chosen this scene, as it is one of the most significant fight scenes of the MCU universe. We not only see all three contenders battered and bruised by Thanos. But we see the Mad Titan's devotion to his ambitions, and what he is willing to do to achieve them. Likewise, we see the development of Captain America. He has proved he is worthy of Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, yet he is not quite worthy enough to crush Thanos.


Inspiration behind teh 1/4 Scale Thanos Statue base

If you’re a fan of our work, you will already know we like to make our bases compliment the bust or statue in order to tell the character’s story. For the 1/4 scale Thanos statue, we’ve tried to incorporate as many details from the scene as possible. Thanos is sat on a base of ruins. Around him, stones scattered and broken pipes by his feet. As you can see, the statue is separated from the various water pipes, and on the final statue, Thanos’ position can be adjusted.


Queen Studios 1/4 Thanos Statue 3D Sculpt

Once we have the concept for the statue, our artists get to work on creating a 3D sculpt. To do this, they study hundreds of pictures and scenes from the movie until they’re familiar with the characters intricate features.

For the 1/4 scale Thanos statue, the biggest challenge was scaling down the huge Titan (said to be 8’3” tall or 2.52m in the MCU), and capturing the details in the head sculpt. Thanos has a unique look, and from his origins in comic books, it’s written that he carries the “Deviant” gene which could be the cause for his purple skin and his odd shaped chin with thick lines and indentations. As you can see in the 3D images, our artists have captured these with remarkable accuracy in both facial expressions. Even replicating the detailing in his double edged sword.

Thanos 1/4 Statue by Queen Studios full 3D Sculpt

As well as focusing on the head sculpt, our artists had to scale down Thanos’ huge frame, and capture him as he sits on the broken pipe.

This stage is extremely important. The quality of the 3D sculpt decides the quality of the final statue. If the 3D sculpt has any inaccuracies, or any proportions or off, then the statue could lose its structural integrity and wouldn't sit right, or wouldn’t be movie accurate.


Queen Studios 1/4 Thanos Statue Work In Progress

After a lot of hard work, we were able to debut a work in progress version of the collectible Thanos statue at Wonder Festival Shanghai 2020. On the whole, the feedback was incredible, but as always, there was some discussion around Thanos’ most distinctive feature. A feature that’s up for much discussion in the MCU. His purple complexion.

At Queen Studios, we have sought to replicate the exact texture, and colour which we see in Avengers Endgame. As this isn’t our first Thanos collectible, we know from experience it’s important to get the colour right. However, Thanos’ skin tone has varied in shades of purple in all of his appearances in the MCU. Depending on the photograph or screenshot, it’s very difficult to see what his exact complexion is. Therefore, for this statue, we have consulted Marvel to make sure we have everything exactly right, and if you think there’s a mistake, it could simply be the lighting.

What’s more, when taking a closer look at Thanos’ armour we can see it is not completely golden. The armor has a bronzed-like alloy finish. We have achieved this bronzed effect by creating a unique gloss that coats the armor. To finish, we wanted the armor to look worn, as it had seen plenty of battle. So, the painting technique we have used is one which makes the armor appear war-torn, and aged.


Final 1/4 Thanos Statue By Queen Studios

Though it has been a long journey, from the conceptual designs to the final product. We are proud to announce that the final 1:4 Thanos statue is near to completion.

This limited edition collectible is available in two versions. The standard version features Thanos staring forward with a deep serious expression. While the premium version features Thanos with both the serious expression and an additional head sculpt with Thanos wearing a wry smile.

Collectors in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea can now order the standard version of the 1/4 scale Thanos statue from the Queen Studios website. European fans can pre-order the standard version from Deriv Store while stocks last!



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