The Queen Studios Story (About Us)


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and this the story of our heroes. The Queen Studios team! 

Back in 2018, we were hard at work on another project when we heard a knock at the door. We'd received another statue for the office. 

As we proudly displayed the statue, it suddenly dawned on us. "Why don't we do this? Why don't we make our own statues and busts? We have the artists, we love collecting them!"  So we did. Almost 2 years later, after lots of hard work. A few tears and a few beers, we delivered our first bust. 

Now we're on a mission to make the most realistic busts and statues that we possibly can. As the first company in the industry to use medical-grade silicone to make Marvel and DC products, we're hoping we can make collecting exciting again. We want to make busts that people talk about. When you show off your collection, you hear the gasp.  Followed by the question, "That's Awesome! Who made it?" 

We hope you can answer "Queen Studios!".