Australia GST and Duty Costs Explained


  • Queen Studios and INART do not collect Import Duties from customers and our prices are “Free of Duty”.
  • Customer’s are responsible for paying any Duty Fees once the goods arrive at the port.
  • Imported goods over $1,000 AUD are subject to the payment of Customs Duty, Taxes and Other Charges including an import processing charge.
  • GST is also payable on taxable importations.

For a quick estimate on the Duties and Taxes that may be applied to your order. You can visit 


If you are an Australian Resident and you are ordering one of our collectibles, you are required to pay GST (Goods and Services Tax).


  • GST is applied to all goods and services sold to an Australian customer.
  • You will not be charged GST if you are GST Registered. (This rule would usually apply to businesses.)
  • INART and Queen Studios will not charge GST until your collectible is ready to ship.
  • Your final invoice will include the final cost of your collectible + shipping + insurance and then 10% GST.
  • Your invoice will detail each cost.
  • As the customer, it is important you plan for these fees in advance and remember that all deposits are non-refundable.


  • GST is caluclated at 10% based on the CIF
  • The CIF is “Cost, Insurance and Freight “+ Duties.
  • Cost:Cost of the collectible
  • Insurance:Insurance for delivering your collectible. This will protect you if the collectible is lost. Usually insurance ranges from 1-3% of the items value.
  • Freight:This is cost involved in shipping the collectible to you. This will be shown on your bill and will depend on the shipping method that you have chosen.
  • Duty:Duty is usually charged at 5% of the goods value. For example. If your collectible costs $500 AUD the Duty Payable will be $25 AUD.


  • Customer A orders a collectible worth $500 AUD.
  • The shipping cost for this item is $50 AUD.
  • Customer A insures the figure at 3% of the items value.
  • Customer A has an insurance cost of $15 AUD.
  • Custom Duties are paid at 5% of the collectibles value.
  • Customer A now must pay an Import Duty of $25 AUD
  • Customer A’s CIF can is then calculated by adding up all of these costs.
  • $500 + $50 + $15 + $25 = $590
  • GST is then calculated by dividing $590 AUD by 10% = $59 AUD
  • Customer A must then add the GST to the CIF cost to calculate the final amount payable before the collectible can be delivered.
  • CIF $590 AUD + GST $59 AUD = $649 Final Cost