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INART Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure

“If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.”

December 19, 2001, the day “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” was released in the United States, became the starting point of the LOTR on screen era, opening the door to Middle-earth.

When bringing the Middle-earth characters from the books to the screen, Peter Jackson's precise casting truly gave them souls, with Aragorn, played by Viggo Mortensen, being one of the most talked about and loved characters.

In the FOTR, Aragorn, the last descendant of the Númenor royal family and the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor, transforms from a mysterious ranger into one of the guardians who protect Frodo and the Ring all the way from Rivendell to Mordor. Before his departure, his words, “If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.” instantly won over many audiences.

Aragorn, as a royal descendant raised by elves since childhood, is a unique existence that combines the two seemingly disparate elements of noble identity and the spirit of adventure - independent, unconfined, yet loyal and bold - with a king's unique vision and bravery. Noble identity and free will are not mutually exclusive in him, which is part of his allure.

Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure By INART

‘Lonely men are we, Rangers of the wild, hunters-but hunters ever of the servants of the Enemy; for they are found in many places, not in Mordor only.’

‘And yet less thanks have we than you. Travelers scowl at us, and countrymen give us scornful names. “Strider” I am to one fat man who lives within a day’s march of foes that would freeze his heart, or lay his little town in ruin, if he were not guarded ceaselessly. Yet we would not have it otherwise. If simple folk are free from care and fear, simple they will be, and we must be secret to keep them so. That has been the task of my kindred, while the years have lengthened and the grass has grown.’

INART Sixth Scale Aragorn Figure

After receiving official approval from Viggo Mortensen himself, INART is elated to announce the new 1/6 scale “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” - Aragorn figure. The team experimented with various modifications, attempting to find better materials for proofing and optimizing accessories.

A Return To Middle Earth

Lord Of The Rings Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure


In the first installment of the Lord of the Rings series, “The Fellowship of the Ring,” Aragorn played a pivotal role. INART began a long journey of all the necessary preparation work for this popular character who is a man of bravery, wisdom, and faith, including selecting the finest materials in order to create an authentic depiction of this character.

The Aragorn figure comes with a variety of costumes and accessories that allow him to appear in a variety of scenes from the FOTR. INART’s long-favored techniques, such as the rolling eye system, rooted hair, magnetic joints, and a magnetic base, among others, were used on the Aragorn figure.

When it comes to Aragorn’s hair, collectors have two head sculpts to choose from. One is a head sculpt with sculpted hair, and the other has rooted hair, which is also one of the differences between the Premium and Standard Version. In the following content, we'll go over the two versions of the Aragorn figure in greater detail.

Aragorn Standard Version

Head Sculpt With Sculpted Hair

On Aragorn’s Standard version, we used the traditional 1/6 figure sculpted hair technique. For the hair, however, we chose a much more delicate sculpt that was also designed to be mass-producible. For the facial expression, we chose a look that is calm and affectionate while also displaying determination and bravery. The Aragorn head sculpt is equipped with a rolling eye system, giving the figure a richer eye dynamic and allowing the head sculpt to be displayed from various angles.

  INART Lord Of The RIngs Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure


Aragorn’s Ranger costume in the FOTR is layered and rich in detail. INART has meticulously recreated Aragorn’s complicated costume. For example, we chose suede for the trench coat to best recreate the texture of the costume while also considering the ease of care for collectors. It is durable and age-resistant.

LOTR Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure

In addition, the costume comes with two undershirts. The long loose-sleeve undershirt with unique patterns can be worn alone with the leather vest, and the sleeveless undershirt with the trench coat, making it much easier for collectors to arrange the sleeves so that it does not become bulky due to multiple layers.

The cloak is made of a light, thin, and drapey material, while the boots, belt, and other parts of the costume are all made of real fabrics, giving the figure more authenticity.

Collectible Sixth Scale Aragorn Figure

Weathering And Distressing

INART has worked hard to weather and distress to the Aragorn figure’s outfit, in order to show a glimpse of Aragorn’s life as a lonely Ranger in the FOTR. Whether it’s the wear and tear on the clothes or the different colors and textures of the dust and mud stains left on the boots and accessories. INART has captured all of these details during the recreation process so that collectors can truly see Aragorn after a long and arduous journey in the film from all the small details.

1/6 Scale INART Aragorn Collectible Figure


Aragorn, as a great warrior in the Lord of the Rings universe, requires efficient and fierce weapons. This time, we used alloy for all the three keen blades in the film, leveling out the weight and texture to the greatest extent possible.

During the Ranger period, Aragorn’s main weapon was the ranger sword and knife. The INART team has meticulously recreated this awe-inspiring sharp weapon.

Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure Accessories

The ranger dagger, the secondary weapon, has an elegant shape and delicate pattern, and its sheath has a streamlined design that matches the shape of the blade.

Lord of The Rings Sixth Scale Aragorn Figure Accessories

When it comes to the bow, we provided two options for collectors. The first is an undrawn bow kept in a quiver, and the second is a drawn bow used in battle.

INART Aragorn Figure Accessories


INART has recreated each and every one of the rich accessories that Aragorn has worn in the movie.

INART 1-6 Scale Aragorn Figure Accessories

Aragorn wears the ring of Barahir on his left hand and a glove on his right. The Aragorn Standard Version will include 7 hands with different gestures which can be used to display in various scenes, together with the various accessories provided.

Aragorn Sizth Scale Figure Switch-out Hands

For Aragorn’s pipe, the INART team has recreated the detailed ash burning effect, and included a switch-out and that can hold the pipe.

INART Aragorn Figure Pipe Accessory

In addition, collectors will also have the bedroll Aragorn carried along the arduous journey.

Queen Studios INART 1-6 scale figure accessories

Rich accessories means more poseability, which is the distinct appeal of an articulated figure. While providing a wide variety of accessories, the recreation of all the details cannot be neglected. Among them, the necklace with Evenstar pendant gifted by Arwen and the vambrace with a pattern of the White Tree of Gondor are particularly detailed, conveying the idea of “scale-down” perfectly.

By taking the most sincere approach to the intricate detailing, the INART team wishes to bring our fans a movie-immersed feeling while displaying the figure. Sparing no detail recreating all the figures while scaling down the real effects is something INART always upholds.

Aragorn Figure Necklace Accessory

LOTR Aragorn Figure Accessory

The Base

The base employs INART’s well-known magnetic suction technique, which aids in the stability of the figure’s display. Aragorn himself is gentle and attentive, brave and resolute, so the style of the base is set to be introspective. The base was inspired by the temple where Aragorn and Frodo said their goodbyes. The mottled floor tiles and cracks, with overgrown weeds in between, bear a heavy weight of age, allowing players to better immerse themselves in the classic shot of Aragorn sacrificing his life to protect Frodo.

LOTR Collectible Figure Accessories

Aragorn Figure Base

Aragorn Premium Version

Head Sculpt With Roothed Hair

Rooted hair is one of INART’s specialist techniques. The Premium Version Aragorn head sculpt used rooted hair to perfectly recreate Aragorn's messy yet flowing hair in the film. With an eye rolling system to show Aragorn’s different facial expressions, the beard is painted in such a way that Aragorn's vicissitudes and fortitude are fully expressed.

INART Sixth Scale Figure Aragorn Headsculpt


A bonus is included with the Aragorn Premium Version. In the FOTR, Aragorn first saw the weapon that severed Sauron’s fingers - the broken sacred sword of Narsil. INART included this accessory in the Premium version of Aragorn, foreshadowing Aragorn’s destiny to become the Emperor of Gondor. At the same time, the bloody hands that come with the premium version capture the moment when Aragorn was on the battlefield, using all of his strength and courage to defeat the enemy.

Aragorn Sword Accessory

 Aragorn Switch Out Hands INART Figure

Head Sculpt Care Guide

Product Information

Product Brand: INART

Licensor: Warner Bros.

Product Name: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Aragorn 1/6 Collectible Figure

Product Material: Metal, Resin, PVC, ABS, Printed Materials, Real Fabrics, Wool, Acrylic, etc.

Product Size: 12 Inches (Height 33cm * Width 14cm * Depth 14cm, base included)

Standard Version Accessories

INART Sixth Scale Figure Detailing

Premium Version Accessory

INART Sixth Scale Figure Product Information

From a Middle-earth picture book to each character being vividly brought to the big screen, and from J.R.R. Tolkien’s pen to Peter Jackson’s screen, the adventure has an end, but the door to Middle-earth is always open.

From living in the wild to becoming the guardian of life, from a free ranger to the Emperor of Gondor, the importance of Aragorn in this epic masterpiece and the great influence this character has had are truly irreplaceable.

From a simple concept sketch to a 3D prototype, from the basic development of the articulated body to multiple attempts to paint the head sculpt, all the details hidden in the tip of a pen, the final prototype has been refined through multiple tests and is now available.

Thank you for your love for Viggo Mortensen and his portrayal of Aragorn, and for your generous support for INART.

“If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.”




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