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Queen Studios' Neo 2021

The trailer for the Matrix Resurrection dropped last month and it’s been a hit around the Queen Studios office. The team have spent a lot of time with this story over the past two year creating our 1/1 scale life-size Neo statue. So, it’s fair to say a lot of the QS team have been fanning out over the past week.

The original Matrix movies ended with Keano Reeve’s Neo sacrificing himself to the humans and the machines. A cop out for some diehard fans, but a just ending for others. And although some may say the saga is dead in the water, it’s hard to imagine what a 2021 Matrix movie could achieve. Will it live up to the first Matrix movie and the brilliant Animatrix? Or is it just another money grab? Nethertheless, the QS team have worshipped Neo for the past 24 months creating a hyper-realistic statue.


The Matrix Queen Studios 2021

If you compare the Neo we saw in 2021 to the Neo QS recreated, a lot has changed. It’s clear that the John Wick look Keano Reeve sports has stuck around for the fourth instalment of the Matrix. Rather than the young, clean shaven, slicked back hair we saw in 2001’s Matrix, we have an aged, rugged Neo donning salt and pepper, long black hair and beard. 


Carrie Anne Moss' Trinity The MAtrix Queen Studios 2021

Throughout the trailer Trinity is brought to the forefront. Neo sees Carrie-Anne Moss’s Trinity in a coffee shop but cannot recall who she is, hinting that Neo and Trinity have met before. This churned in with the constant Alice in Wonderland references, makes you wonder, if Neo and Trinity are going to spend half of this flick pondering their existence much like the caterpillar in Lewis Carroll’s work of genius. 


A New Dojo The Matrix 2021

Later Neo is fighting in a new Dojo, one we haven’t seen before. The fight is between Neo and a new character. Is Abdul-Mateen’s new character replacing Morpheus’ role in this simulated universe or could he be a younger version of Morpheus? The fighting seen between the two is reminiscent of Neo’s original training, the moves both characters use are eerily like Neo first training session with Morpheus.

Blue or Red 2021 Queen Studios


Alice Down the Rabbit Hole The MAtrix 2021

Speaking purely out of speculation. From the trailer alone, what would you guys prefer? More statues and bust from the noughties’ saga, or something fresher from 2021. And if so, what scale would you like to see? And would it be a bust or statue? Personally, I’d like to see a two piece of Morpheus and Neo from the first movie, both in 1/4, and both statues. Let us know what you think!

Special thanks to Radd Titan for the Shanghai Wonder Festival Neo Video.



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Post by Luke Wainhouse


  • Mitchell Lawrence

    A 1/4 Reloaded Neo, Morpheus and Trinity in fighting poses with weapons and would be cool.

  • John

    Neo and Trinity in their Reloaded outfits as 1/4 statues. They’ve never been done properly, as evident in the Resurrection movie. Their peak form are what I’d like to have as my grails. The first movie was great, but Neo’s outfit wasn’t as cool as Reloaded, nor was Trinity’s.

  • Garrett Staples

    Just stick to the first film and expand if sales impress. Huge fan base is much older now and we have money. Would buy red blue pill anything, neo and Tomas Anderson, trinity and morphepus. I but busts and 1/4s but make exceptions of the art is stellar. Like Arthur flec on back of joker bust, you have huge potentional here. If the first 3 main characters of the first movie don’t sell well than you have no real market here.

  • Nexo

    I would absolutely love life-size busts…the whole statue is cool but simply too big for most consumers.

  • Jonathan Lin

    I would prefer to see Neo and Trinity in their Reloaded or Revolution outfits as 1/4 statues! While I know that many people don’t like the 2nd and 3rd movies as much as the first, I love the trilogy as a whole and think they look awesome in their most powerful versions within the matrix. It would also be great to get Morpheus to complete the trio but Neo and Trinity are a must for me.

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