Queen Studios October Review 2019

Queen Studios October Review 2019

Another month down and we're getting closer to 2020. It's scary to think that the millenium was 20 years ago!

October was a busy month for the Queen Studios team, and there was a lot going on in the collecting world, so we thought we'd create a recap just in case you missed anything! (Click the links below if you want to skip ahead). 

    1. New York Comic Con 2019
    2. Cartoon Batman Give away
    3. Queen Studios Europe
    4. NEW 1:1 Batman bust
    5. Last chance to order the Zombie Shark (only 2 left)



In October 2019, Queen Studios atteneded our first large large Comic Con in the US, and we had an absolute blast! The show was very last minute, so we couldn't get Alita ready in time, and Aquaman's head still needed some work.

The Joker 1:3 also needed work, but we took him anway to get feedback from fans in person. Overall, the reviews for the 1:3 Heath Ledger Joker (*WIP) were mixed. Comic Con fans loved it. Online collectors? Not so much. Sometimes it's the harshest feedback we need the most, so we're happy that he created enough buzz to get the information we needed. Our 1:3 Joker will be back, and he will be better! Keep an eye out for updates.

All in all, NYCC went as well as it could have done to say that we took less than 5% of our work. We'll be back in 2020, and hopefully bigger. If you're looking for news on Alita and Aquaman, expect some big updates in November! If all goes to plan.



At NYCC, many fans loved the Cartoon Batman. So much so, we thought it would be cool if we could give one away. We started a lucky draw at NYCC, but we also wanted to give our Facebook fans a chance too. After the draw, the lucky winner was David B. If your first name is David and your last name begins with a B, please check your inbox and junk/spam folder. We sent you an email, and we haven't heard back. We need to know your address before we ship to you! 



Queen Studios fans in Europe now have a dedicated group! Our European partners have set up a group to share Europe related news, PO's and exclusive content. We're working hard with Deriv to provide as much content as we can, organise events and keep prices reasonable. So far, the prices should be close to what unauthorised sellers are offering in the region. We hope you can get get behind Deriv, as they offer fantastic customer service and are really helping us get closer to our fans in Europe. We're looking to build more communities in other regions as well, but these things take time and we appreciate your patience.



After months of planning and hard work, we're excited to announce the 1:1 Ben Affleck Batman Bust is almost complete! Again, we'd like to thank you for your support. So far we've had a great repsone, although there a few concerns on about the base. The base will be strong enough, and we will keep working on the bust to make this Batman worthy of your collection. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments on here or on Facebook. Your comments really can help us make him even better.



Queen Studios Zombie Shark If you're a fan of the Zombie horror genre, animal statues or just cool stuff, then you won't want to miss this! The Queen Studios Zombie Shark will be shipping very soon and there are only 2 left. Order now to avoid dissapointement.




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