Queen Studios Holiday Deals Guide

Queen Studios Holiday Deals Guide

Black Friday is almost here and it could be your chance to grab the statue you’ve been looking for while enjoying a nice little discount and FREE shipping.

In this post, learn more about Queen Studios upcoming Holiday Deals so you don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!  (Please also check out the terms and conditions for the Holiday Deals event here)


Queen Studios’ Holiday Deals will start on November 24th at 9am GMT+8 and will end on November 28th 8am GMT+8.


QS will be offering FREE shipping on selected statues to licensed regions.

(Please note that free shipping does not include local taxes and import fees.)

On top of FREE shipping, collectors can also enjoy an additional 10% discount on selected statues.


QS’ Holiday Deals Available on in select regions due to licensing agreements.

Marvel Collectibles:

All scales are available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and South Korea.

DC Collectibles:

All scales are available in Europe and the Middle East.

1/3 scale statues are available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and South Korea.


Wonder Woman 1984 1/4 Statue (FREE Shipping + 10% Off)

Wonder Woman 84

Although the fanfare for Wonder Woman 84 didn't quite match the first movie, one thing we can all agree on is how magnificent the Golden Eagle armor looks. The QS team worked tirelessly to capture this stunning armor. For those that have this beautful statue in hand, the consensus is we nailed it. 

If you didn't get chance to pre-order this statue, then make sure you don't miss out on your second chance during the Holiday Deals event. 

Both the Premium and Regular Edition's are up for grabs with this limited time offer!

Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man 1/4 Statue (FREE Shipping + 10% Off)

Spider-Man of CACW

Queen Studios 1:4 scale Spider-Man statue captures the fan favourite web-slinger as we saw him in the airport battle scene in Captain America: Civil War. Intricately designed and expertly sculpted, this limited edition collectible brings the character to life in his iconic blue and red Spider-Man suit with webbed trim. As he kneels on the ground staring forward, he holds Captain America’s shield slightly a lift, ready to do battle with his new team of heroes.

From November 24 - November 27 collectors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and South Korea can order this sensational statue with FREE shipping + a nice 10% discount.

Both The Premium and Regular Editions are available for a limited time while stocks last! 

Joker (2019) 1/3 Statue (30% Off)

The Joker 2019

The Queen Studios team have carefully recreated one of the most iconic scenes from the 2019 Joker movie. As Arthur sits in his chair deep in thought. His legs crossed, one arm raised, who knows what twisted thoughts are running through his mind. No detail is spared, from his tailored clothing, to the bar of soap and brush on his dressing room table, and those immoral words inscribed on the mirror “Put on a HAPPY FACE”. 

While the Regular Edition is sold out, the EX version (inlcuding dressing room base) is still available for a limited time. On November 24, customers in Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong Taiwan and Macau can order this awesome statue with an additional 30% off! 

Joker (2019) 1/2 Statue (FREE Shipping + 10% Off)

Half Scale Joker 2019

Inspired by Todd Phillips  Joker (2019), this limited edition statue captues Arthur as he becomes "Joker". Taking to the streets and he dances his way to the late-night show "Live! With Murray Franklin".

To further celebrate this transformation. Queen Studios' artist have chosen this staircase dance as the pose for the Joker 1:2 scale silicone statue. Fleck is stood mid-dance, lifting his left arm into the air, looking more contented than ever. Joker is wearing his now iconic royal red suit, goldbrick yellow waistcoat and a patterned blue shirt.

Collectors in Europe and the Middle East will be able to order this limited edition statue with FREE shipping + and additional 10% off from November 24. 

TDK Batman 1/3 Statue (FREE Shipping + 10% Off)

TDK Batman

The Dark Knight Trilogy redefined the superhero genre and became an instant classic. To pay homage to this classic, Queen Studios has created three limited edition 1:3 collectible Dark Knight Batman statues. The Regular Edition features a movie accurate Dark Knight Batman Cowl head sculpt. The Premium Edition is expertly sculpted to capture Christian Bale’s likeness with sculpted hair, while the Deluxe Edition is has rooted artificial hair.

To celebrate this year's holiday season, collectors in Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong , Taiwan Macao and South Korea can order this limited edition statue with FREE shipping and 10% for a limited time only! 

TDK Joker 1/4 Statue (FREE Shipping + 10% Off)

TDK Joker 1/4 Scale Statue

Embrace the anarchy of Gotham this holiday season with Queen Studios' The Dark Knight Joker 1:4 Scale Statue (Regular Edition), now available with Free Shipping and an extra 10% off for collectors in Europe and the Middle East. This meticulously crafted statue is a true embodiment of the Joker's iconic presence from the film, capturing his unique blend of malevolence and unpredictability. Adorned in his signature purple suit and featuring his infamously sinister smile, every detail echoes his cunning and danger. A quintessential piece for fans and collectors of The Dark Knight, this statue is not just a collectible, but a homage to one of cinema's most memorable villains. Seize this opportunity to add this iconic figure to your collection with our limited-time holiday offer!


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