Important Notice For Pre-Ordering

Important Pre-Order Notice

Dear Collectors, 

Recently, we have received reports from several colloctors regarding some individuals posing as Queen Studios, or reporting to work on behalf of Queen Studios or with Queen Studios. 

These individuals have been using email addresses with our company name, such as or It looks like these accounts have asked collectors to pau in Bitcoin or use PayPal and have contacted customers to sell the Alita "Doll Body" arm. 

Please note that these emails are not our official email addresses. Our Official emails end with and we do not use Outlook or Gmail to hand orders. 

If you have ordered from these email addresses and you believe these sellers to be fraudulent, we recommend that you contact PayPal or your Credit Card provider to see if there is any way to get your money back, and report the email addresses as Phishing scams. 

The Qeen Studios team will continue to work hard to expand licensing rights and build more Authorised Partnerships to help you to order safely and securely. In the meantime, we highly recommend that you check reviews and get references before ordering from a new store or dealer. 

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