Wonder Festival 2023 Recap

Wonder Festival Recap Queen Studios and INART

Wonder Festival Shanghai 2023 has come to a close and once again it didn’t disappoint!

If you’re not familiar with Wonder Festival, or WF, it is one of Asia’s premier pop culture events taking place in major cities around the continent.

This year, both Queen Studios and INART brought the big guns, and in this post you can catch up on some of the highlights that you may have missed.


The Dark Knight Batman 1/1 Bust and Statue

Introduce the new TDK Batman 1/1 Statue & Life-Size Bust

At this year’s WF the QS team unveiled a project almost 2 years in the making. The TDK Batman 1/1 bust and 1/1 statue captures Christian Bale like you have never seen before in a hyper-real life-size scale.  

The 1/1 bust is available as a standalone piece and features a Christian Bale head sculpt and movie accurate bat suit from the Dark Knight.

The 1/1 statue can also be ordered as a standalone piece, or with the life-size bust. If you go for the statue and bust, the head sculpts can be switched so that you can display the statue or bust with either the cowl or Bale head sculpts.

If you’ve got both the space and the money. Then why not go for the armory option?!

Probably one of our most ambitious projects to date. The QS team has recreated the full armory from The Dark Knight. Weiging in at around 1 Tonne, the amory is made of solid steel and includes replica weapons crafted from a mix of materials.

Terminator 2: T-800 Life-Size Bust

Terminator 2: T-800 Life-Size Bust

A surprise hit at this Shanghai WF 2023 was the Terminator T-800 life-size bust from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Following the success of the battle damaged version in 2018, the Queen Studios team have been working hard on this masterpiece, paying homage to one of our favourite characters from one of our favourite movies.

Crafted from silicone, this limited edition life-size bust captures Arnold Schwarzenegger with incredible accuracy. Each strand of hair has been implanted one by one, before been professionally cut and styled. His eyes are prophetic glass eyes giving the impression you are staring face to face with the cybernetic organism.

Finally, his genuine leather jacket is tailored to fit his muscular frame, and his shotgun sits perfectly on his shoulder.

The bust with its intricately designed base caused quite the stir in Shanghai, with fans lining up for photos and pre-orders.

Limited to only 299 worldwide, you may don’t have long to order this piece.

Michael Jackson Thriller Life-Size Bust

Michael Jackson Life-Size Bust

If the King of Pop wasn’t already immortalised by his back catalogue of music and music videos, then he his is now with this incredible life-size bust!

At this year’s Wonder Festival, Queen Studios revealed the passion project driven by fans within the company. The result is the world’s first licensed bust capturing Michael Jackson from the Thriller music video.

Although not yet ready for pre-order, the team debuted the bust at Shanghai Wonder Festival to get important feedback and gauge interest.

Iron Man Mark VI 1/1 Statue

Iron Man Mark VI 1/1 Statue

This life-size statue includes all of the features that have made the life-size series so iconic while remaining true to the character. For the MK6 includes lighting in the eyes, arc reactor, hand repulsors and base. All of these key features helped make this statue stand out at one of Asia’s biggest shows.

Besides from the lighting features, the Iron Man armor pretty much speaks for itself. The MK6 has a stunning design, and all we had to do was make sure we captured these details as accurately as possible. Tie that together with a dynamic walking pose and we have a piece that will no doubt become a grail.

Transformers ROTB Optimus Primal

Transformers ROTB Optimus Primal

It seems like it was forever ago since the Transformers Return of The Beasts hit the big screen. Even thought it feels like a lot of time has passed, one things for sure, Optimus Primal’s depiction is timeless.

To honour this majestic beast, the QS team have designed a new statue capturing the Primal in “Beast Mode” displaying his incredible power.


Shanghai Wonder Festival 2023 marked INART’s debut. As always, the pressure was high to deliver, but the team brought a selection of production pieces and prototypes to the event. In this post you can see some of these highlights, and for further details, make sure you’re following INART on Facebook and Instagram where we will share regular updates.


BvS Superman Sixth Scale Figure

INART BvS Superman Sixth Scale Figure Calm Expression

BvS Superman Sixth Scale Figure

INART BvS Superman Sixth Scale Figure 2 Expressions

INART Batman 1/6 Collectible Figure

INART Batman 1/6 Figure

INART Batman 1/6 Collectible Figure

INART Batman 1/6 Figure Battle Suit

INART Aragorn 1/6 Collectible Figure

INART Aragorn 1/6 Figure Battle Suit

More Surprises from INART

INART's product showcased at a trade show

More Surprises from INART

Highlighted product from INART's exhibition booth

More Surprises from INART

Sneak peek of INART's new collection

 A very special thank you to Justin for the amazing photos he took of us!


After another successful event, the QS and INART team are both looking forward to getting out and speaking with more collectors. The whole team are immensely grateful for the love and support from fans around the world. As always, we couldn’t be making these figures without you

Although the season is coming to a close, we are expecting at least two to three more events in Asia before we greet the new year. Collectors in Thailand should see some of our work at WF Bangkok. Singapore collectors may see us at SGCC. And there could time for a cheeky trip to Beijing.

If you do like our work, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated with our plans and we hope to see you in person!



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