Queen Studios Thanos - Behind The Bust

Queen Studios Thanos The Story Behind the Bust

As the biggest villain in the Avengers movies, Thanos’ power was the envy of the universe and the evil that everyone feared. Most of us love a bad guy, but it was hard to root for Thanos. His goal to halve the world’s population was just too despicable. When we finally got the go ahead to bring this character to life in the form of a 1:1 bust, we were excited about the prospect of making a collectible based on one of the most feared villains in the MCU.

 Here’s the story behind the Thanos 1:1 Bust by Queen Studios.


Queen Studios Thanos Bust

Thanos is a huge character, a demigod even larger than Hulk. We knew that a 1:1 bust at this scale would be a challenge, but we revelled at the prospect. With the Thanos bust, we were looking to capture his size and scale, but also show his power. We agreed that he looked most intimidating when he was wearing his armour, and when he looks down through the top of his helmet. He’s the epitome of the bad guy we all love to hate.

Queen Studios Thanos Base Concept

Besides from the bust itself, we also wanted the base to be special. To capture the look, our artists took inspiration from the scenes from inside the Q ship. The dark purple and sharp metallic features stood out, and this is something we wanted to try and recreate.



Queen Studios Thanos Bust Customer Feedback about the Colour

As many other fans pointed out, the colouring on the face was slightly off. Most people thought that the purple Thanos’s face was too deep. So we took another look at the colour to make it more violet and less purple, similar to the color of his skin in the movie.

Queen Studios Thanos Bust Changes to the Colour


Queen Studios Thanos Feedback Eyebrows

Our initial bust included eyebrows and facial hair. In the Avengers movie, Thanos didn’t have any facial fuzz. We passed the feedback on to our artists who to take another look. After spending more time watching videos and staring at movie images, we realized Minjae was right, so we corrected the beard and eyebrows, and made his face "smoother".

Queen Studios Thanos Bust Improvements Eyebrows Removed


Queen Studios Thanos Bust Changes to Size of Shoulder Armour

Many fans have had doubts about the size of the Thanos Bust, and think the shoulders be wider. We passed on the feedback to artists, but they have assured is that the shoulder armor is not a complete shoulder, but a part of the shoulder that is intercepted. To get a second opinion, we resubmitted the work to Marvel who agreed with our artists. In this size, the bust would be much easier to display in your house. However, if we can make a new Thanos bust in the future, we will try to restore his shoulder completely.


Queen Studios 1:1 Thanos Bust Materials

Thanos’s skin is made of platinum silicone. Platinum silicone is a medical grade environmentally friendly silicone. It has many applications in the medical industry, specifically for artificial joints and tissue expansion. Because of its chemical stability, the food industry regularly uses the same silicone for food moulds and even baby pacifiers. 

You can learn more about caring for this silicone by reading our blog post on caring for silicone busts.

The armor, helmet, teeth and base are all made from polystone, which is easy to store and clean. You can use a brush or paper towel to wipe the dust.


The Final Thanos Bust

We hope the changes that we’ve made along the way have made this a truly one of a kind collectible. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment.



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