Queen Studios Autumn Review

Queen Studios Autumn Review 2021

Autumn (or Fall in the USA) is probably one of the most exciting seasons for collectors. In the Summer months, at least in normal times, SDCC and major cons around the globe reveal what's in store. But it's autumn where we often see some cool new stuff, especially at NYCC. 

This year, like 2020, the events didn't quite stack up. However, we did see some awesome new collectibles. In this post, discover what you might have missed from Queen Studios as we take a look back at the last 3 months.


QS Bmutha Statue Awards 2021

If you're not familiar with Bmuth reviews, check them out. Like most content creators in the hobby, they (mostly Kris) do an incredible job of reviewing statues that have been shipped, or displayed at key events. 

At the end of the year collectors and the good folks at Bmutha get together for the annual statue awards. For the awards, everyone works around the clock evaluating hundreds of statues and busts from around the world to create a shortlist of the best. Bmutha have a total of ten awards and each award evaluates producers on their creative designs and whether producers are upping their ante.

From the shortlist, collectors join in online and vote for their favourite, making these awards special for the companies involved. It means so much more when it's the people that make the hobby what it is voting for your work. 

Unfortunately, these awards were hindered by the current global pandemic. Especially in the delivery. 

QS 2021 Bmutha Statue Awards

However, recently QS received quite the mysterious package in the post. A package from Bmutha. The contents held an award dated from 2019. That’s right… two years ago. And although it took some time QS are delighted to announce their 1/1 scale Thanos life-size bust Thanos life-size bust won Bmutha’s 2019 Bust of the Year Award.


DC FanDome Queen studios 2021

DC FanDome once again set the benchmark for how a virtual event should be. DC’s most affluent talents gathered to give audiences around the world a preview of what the future holds. The event gave us delightful look into some of DC’s biggest movies, TV shows, games and comics coming soon. The Batman, Black Adam, Peacemaker, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are just a few to mention, if you get a chance, check out the highlights online.


DC FanDOME QS 2021

What’s so special about DC FanDome? Well… It’s a monumental occasion where fans can ‘geek out’ and marvel at their favourite comic book heroes. The team at Queen Studios though they’d jump in on the occasion and announce what the next few years holds for QS and their fans. As you can see from the image above, we're set for some incredible collectibles.


The QS team have created a life-size bust of the Iron Spider-Man, and it's awesome. The pose is taken from the final Avengers movie, Avengers Endgame, and the bust perfectly captures Tom Holland's likeness. This is the first Marvel collectible licensed for the United States, and marks a return to the hyper-realism that the team are known for. 

Parker’s torso is stood up straight, the intensity what is happening around him during the Battle of Earth doesn't faze him for a second. His face is left leaning as his patient gaze assesses the situation around him. The back of the armor, under the shoulders, is open and reveals various mechanic, designed after the machines Stark used to create the suit. You don't want to miss out on this one.


It’s finally here! The 1/4 scale Thanos statue by Queen Studios. This one might be 1/4 scale, but its huge… check out everyone's reaction. The goliath size of this one is purely because of the size of Thanos, he's a big dude. If you check out the video below, you can see this collectable is a bit modular. The QS team have included two head sculpts, various debris from the Battle of Earth scene, and Thanos’ double-sided sword.


The Iron Man Mark 7 1/1 statue release by Queen Studios this September, stands at a mighty 204cm, that’s right, it’s life size. Apart from lacking functionality, this suit is a perfect replica of the Mark 7 we see in the first Avengers’ movie. The MK 7’s design is a lot more rigid and modular that Stark’s later designs. This is because he hadn’t yet implemented his morphing nanotechnology. Apart from being a life life-like replica this life-size statue has lighting effects in various parts the suit.



At the end of September, the QS team launced the second collectible licensed for the USA. The 1/2 scale Captain America, like the Tom Holland Iron Spider, is part of a series of hyper-real collectibles and is now available for your collection. 

This Queen Studio 1/2 scale Captain America statue stands at 105cm tall. The Cap is wearing the final suit he wears in the Battle of Earth during the events of Avengers Endgame. Its colors reflect the flag of America. Red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance. His classic star emblem sits in the centre of his chest, he is wearing his traditional ‘A’ helmet and is carrying his vibranium shield. Spoiler alert… the Cap is holding Thor’s hammer Mjölnir in his right hand. Proving once and for all that he is WORTHY!



Winter is usally a slow season. For most countries, the holidays are around the corner, and you're probably saving your hard-earned money on family occasions and gifts. But does that mean you can't treat yourself? Of course not. And the QS team have you covered. 

In winter, the team will be dropping a Carnage bust, and perhaps one more hyper-real bust licensed for the USA. For 1/1 collectors, we have something for you, and some insane 1/4 collectibles on the way to wrap up 2021. 

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Post by Luke Wainhouse


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