Queen Studios' June 2022 Review

June Review 2022 Queen Studios

June has come to an end, and a lot has been happening at the Queen Studios headquarters. First, we are elated to announce a brand-new partnership in Africa. We’ve released pre-orders for five new products. We’re planning big things for San Diego Comic Con, and finally a new addition to INART's 1/6 Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey figure.

A New Partnership


‘The art of Perfection’, the four words Queen Studios’ new partners, Symbiote Premium Collectibles use to describe this awesome artform. Symbiote are an African premium collectables company who operate out of South Africa. They are devoted to delivering the highest quality premium collectibles with unparalleled service to collectors. Symbiote's main objective is to make these extremely premium products more affordable and accessible to everyone, helping fellow collectors grow their collections while sharing a common passion. They exclusively offer all of Queen Studios DC collectable to every collector across Africa.

The Joker 1/1 Life-Size Statue 


In June, we officially started the pre-order for The Joker 1/1 life-size limited edition statue. This captures the Clown Prince of Crime from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight (2008) from one of his most iconic scenes. The Joker is stood in his iconic purple pinstriped suit, while he holds his calling card in his right hand. His clothes are made of the finest fabrics, and are hand tailored to fit just like the movie. His soft to the touch skin is made of platinum silicone, creating an unparalleled character likeness, before his make up is expertly applied and his hair is punched on by one, cut and styled.

1/7 Jurassic World Dominion Blue and Beta Statue 


To celebrate the release of Jurassic World Dominion on June 10th in Mainland China, the Queen Studios team started the pre-order for this incredible 1/7 scale statue inspired by two of the key characters from the movie. To bring an extra dynamic to the statue, the team have designed a unique light-up Jurrasic World logo which comes with the statue, as well as a sound feature which recreates the sound of Blue and Beta. It's been a life-long ambition for the team to work with this IP, and we're glad to present our first statue to you with more planned for later this year. 

Mark 85 1/1 Life-Size Statue


In June, the QS team finally released the much anticipated Iron Man Mark 85 life-size statue, the very statue Ronnie Stark has been asking for! The Mark LXXXV (Mark 85)  was first seen in Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame. The design of the armor on the Mark 85 features a more muscular look, the contours in the armor make the statue look very strong and powerful, creating a heroic feeling. This 1/1 statue is very imposing, with a smoth metalic look and feel that bringing the character to life making it the perfect piece for Iron Man superfans who have the space. 

Captain America 1/1 Bust


At the end of 2021, QS shared the images of the Life-size Captain America bust. This incredible piece caught the attention of collectors and was highly praised, but there was one aspect the vast majority of collectors pointed out. He needed his shield! 

After taking the feedback on board, the team went away, spoke with Marvel, and made the much needed changes. In June, the Captain America life-size bust was finally made available for PO and is available in the USA. 

Adding another staff for our 1/6 Gandalf the Grey


The INART sixth scale Gandalf figure was released in May, but the response from the community was clear, he needed the staff of Moria! Many international collectors such as the Collectors Weekly crew and Zach to name a few, reached out to the team suggesting that the PO was paused while INART could add a second staff. This campaign caught hold in China, and after careful consideration and a discussion with the licesnsor, the team are please to announce that this figure will now include the second staff. We'd like to say a bigh thanks to everyone in the community, as we continue to deliver the next generation of sixth scale figures. 


Preparations for San Diego Comic Con

San Diegio Comic Con (SDCC) has been postoned these past few years due to the devistating pandemic. But finally, we have some semblance of normality, and we can finally get back to what we do best! Attending festivals and giving fans what they want. So, this year, Queen Studios are happy to announce that we’ll be attending this year’s SDCC 2022. The team will be bringing 5 Marvel collectibles that will be available to purchase at the event. Keep an eye on our social media for news on exclusives and event activities. 

Potential PO's This July

July is going to be a busy month with SDCC on the way. But Don't worry, some incredible PO's are on the way as well. The INART team have one more Figure on the way. And for statues, we're hoping to release some more 1/4 Iron Man statues, an iconic duo perhaps? Even a new DC 1/3 statue could be released. All will be revealed very very soon.

That's it from Queen Studios for June. We hope you've enjoyed this months pre-orders. If there are any specific statue, bust or figure you'd like us to create, let us know in the comments. Thanks, and see you next month.


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