Wonder Woman 1/4 Comic Statue - Story Behind the Statue

Story Behind the 1/4 Wonder Woman Statue by Queen Studios
"I come to learn why my own mother would betray me."
Wonder Woman in The Twelve Labors 

The behind the statue series is chance for you the fans, to see what goes on behind closed doors. We want to share the process, and care that goes into each stage of our statues' production.

In this post we'll be taking a look at our team's Wonder Woman 1/4 DC Comic inspired statue, enjoy.

Princess Diana of Themyscira fights for justice and peace in “Man’s World”. She has the strength of Hercules, the looks of Aphrodite and the brains of Athena. But this is not out of coincidence. She is a daughter from the heavens, the child of Hippolyta and Zeus. The Gods tasked her to be the protector of the Amazon and its people. But, to keep her own people safe, she must bring peace to the human world.

Wonder Woman is one of DC's most beloved characters. Her first appearance was in 1941 in DC’s All-Star Comics #8, making her one of DC’s original heroes. After the immense popularity of her arrival in All-Star Comics. Wonder Woman went on to receive her own comic book series. And later became apart of the Justice League, along with heroes such as Batman and Superman.


Wonder Woman Comics About The Character

Wonder Woman is one of DC’s most loved characters. Not only does she inspire hope and strength, but she is a feminist icon for children and adults alike. Diana, an emissary from Themyscira. Heads to “Man’s world” to help destroy evil and try to create a reality where life can exist without war, hate or violence. The inspiration for Queen Studios' Wonder Woman 1/4 (Comic) Statue was both the comic (Wonder Woman 63 pictured above), and Gal Gadot’s brilliant performance as Wonder Woman in 2017's Wonder Woman. Princess Diana’s mission is to kick ass and destroy evil. So, Queen Studios thought we would crank up the action a bit. And give you guys a statue that shows what Wonder Woman is capable of.

“If it means interfering in an ensconced, outdated system, to help just one woman, man or child…I’m willing to accept the consequences.”
- Wonder Woman #170

The Twelve Labors & Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman 2017 the character continued

One of Wonder Woman’s greatest abilities is that she can muster up courage in times of desperation.  A great comic series that demonstrates this is Wonder Woman: The Twelve Labors. In the Twelve Labors, Wonder Woman learns that her mother betrayed her. Her mother wiped her memories of a time when Diana was in love and powerless. To re-join the Justice League, and to prove she still has the powers of the gods. She undergoes 12 Ancient Greek Style trails, under the supervision of the other heroes.

For those who have not yet had the time to check out their ever-growing backlog of comic books. A good point of reference to Wonder Woman’s capabilities as a Justice League hero, is 2017’s Wonder Woman. In 1944 the Allies are facing the Germans, both sides are dug into trenches. The Allies have innocent civilians alongside them in the trenches. The soldiers tell Diana that it is impossible to save these innocent bystanders. This disgusts her. She will not take "no" for an answer. She rallies over ‘No Man’s Land’ and helps defeat a small faction of German soldiers. Demonstrating how to conquer evil in desperate times.


The Wonder Woman Statue Pose by Queen Studios

Queen Studios’ Wonder Woman 1/4 (Comic) Statue recreates the image of our heroine from the DC Comics, with recognisable themes. Yet, our artists have infused characteristics from 2017’s Wonder Woman. The body structure of this sculpt is a more honest representation of Diana’s comic form. And the Queen Studios team have included two head sculpts. The first designed from the classic DC comic books. The second modelled from Gal Godot, who stars as Wonder Woman in the DCEU.

The colour palette used for the Wonder Woman 1/4 (Comic) Statue, reflects that of the comic. But the textures of Diana’s armour and the base reflect that of the movie. The princess is leaning on her right leg, stood on top of some toppled debris. She is facing forward and preparing for an attack. Her lasso is spiralling around her body as if she is ready to capture her enemy.


Wonder Woman Statue Base

If you're familiar with our work, you'll know we like to use the base to help us tell the story of the character. This is most notable in our 1/1 Joker (2019) bust, but a theme we carry throughout all of our collectibles. 

For the Queen Studios Wonder Woman 1/4 (DC Comics) Statue, we've depicted Wonder Woman leaning back onto her right leg. Beneath her is a toppled Greek building and statue. She is position on one of the building columns. The off-white-coloured debris creates a strong contrast with the red and blue armor. Much like a painted ancient Greek Goddess atop a white plinth. As mentioned, this theme can be traced back to the Wonder Woman's appearances in DC Comcis and is a homage to the heroine.


Wonder Woman 1/4 Statue 3D Design Queen Studios

For this piece Queen Studios collaborated with 3D Artist Gerard Kravchuk. Kravchuk has over 10 years of industry expertise. Not only is he an expert, but he knows exactly what the fans want.  This statue is a testament to his technical skills in 3D modelling and texturing and we're delighted with the result. The Wonder Woman figure took almost eight months to create as dozens of revisions had to be made to bring you guys the final product.

These revisions were due to challenges faced when modelling the hair and limbs. To express Wonder Woman's beauty whilst also creating the illusion of movement in a static pose is tricky. Not only does her hair have to be believable, but the design team also wanted her lasso to be mid-air. Creating the look that she is about take-off and fly much like in the trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984.


The painting process often goes hand in hand with 3D production. The complex 3D sculpting often indicates the complexity of the painting. If you look closely at the final statue, you will find that Wonder Woman's armor looks to be made of different materials. When you compare the final statue against the grey scale model pictured above, you should be able see the difference detailed painting makes. The textures on the polystone armour are brilliant. The effect of the paint’s textures gives the illusion that different metals have been used, while we've only used one! 

The paint of this statue is a better representation of 2017's Wonder Woman. The team chose these colours as the movie is a great adaptation of Wonder Woman Comics.


After months of changes and adjustments. Queen Studios' 1/4 comic Wonder Woman full-body statue is finally complete. The final collectible has been given the seal of approval by the majority of collectors in the community, and we're over the moon with the response so far.

Finally, we hope you are equally in love with Queen Studios' first DC Comics character as we are. We will be bringing you more DC Comics characters soon, so stay tuned!



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Post by Luke Wainhouse



  • Michael Giacomo

    How do I order that wonder woman 1/4 statue of that new one it’s awesome

  • Dj

    Ordered it. Can’t wait! One of the best WW statues out there.

  • Dj

    Awesome, but please please please do some badass and phenomenal Superman/Man of Steel statues in 1/6th, 1/3rd and 1/4th scale. Superman vs Darkseid will be great.

  • Dj

    Awesome, but please please please do some badass and phenomenal Superman/Man of Steel statues in 1/6th, 1/3rd and 1/4th scale. Superman vs Darkseid will be great.

  • Christian Zuanich


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