Iron Spider-Man 1/4 Scale Statue - Story Behind the Statue

Story Behind the 1/4 Iron Spider-Man Statue

The behind the statue series gives you, the fans, a chance to glimpse behind the curtain and see how your favourite statues are made.

The Iron Spider Armor, also known as Item 17A, was a gift from Tony Stark to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. The armor made a brief appearance in Spider-Man Homecoming (2017). But the Iron Spider did not see much action up until Avengers: Infinity Wars. Its design is a nod to Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man suit. With the addition of a golden trim, Spider-legs, and an array of intuitive features. This is one of Stark’s greatest creations yet.

In this post you can learn more about the new 1/4 scale Iron Spider-Man from Queen Studios and how this awesome collectible was made! 


Story Behind the Statue, Iron Spider 1/4 Statue

This armor’s design is similar to Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. Ben Reilly, also known as the Scarlett Spider, is a clone of Spider-Man. Reilly was grown in a lab by the Jackal, whose purpose was to destroy Spider-Man. The clone defied the Jackals demands and became one of Spider-Man’s greatest allies. Later being regarded as Spidey’s brother in later comics. The series spans over various Spider-Man comics and is known as the Clone Saga. While many of Reilly's suit characteristics are the same as the original Spider-Man. The suit has some key aesthetic differences. Such as the large web-shooters on his wrist. And the spider logo on his chest spanning over his torso. This could be why we see the suit used by Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the MCU. As opposed to Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man.

The MCU armor has four extendable mechanical legs giving Spidey the anatomy of a spider. Moreover, a golden trim has been added to the armor along with a gloss finish. Moreover, armor is made of nanoparticles. This allows the suit to be more flexible than its predecessor.


Story Behind the Statue, Iron Spider 1/4 Statue Instant Kill

How could we pass up the chance of making our favourite web-slinger in his best armor yet? And to make this pieces extra special, Queen Studios' Art Director Oliver Liu took the lead in the concept for the Iron Spider. This is one of his most intense and dynamic designs yet. The statues’ hourglass base, along with Spidey’s stance; allows the piece to look more energetic. The jumping stance gives it a certain dynamic, different from our other statues and busts.


Story Behind the Statue, Iron Spider 1/4 Statue, Extendable Legs

The final product is heavily dependent on the 3D process’ done by our team. Without proper 3D sculpting and design, we wouldn't be able to make such a highly detailed statue.

Post-production process' such as painting, and finishing are all dependent on accurate 3D sculpts. It is the 3D design process that brings these characters to life. Our main aim is to make it seem as if our statues are stepping from your favourite movies, down into your collection. To do this, Queen Studios' artists need to consult official representatives and gain information. This in turn improves the accuracy of not only the 3D concepts. But also, the colors, and the structure of the subject and the equipment.


Story Behind the Statue, Iron Spider 1/4 Statue

Following a 3D sculpt, we need to make a mold. Once we have a mold, and it has been adjusted and optimized. Queen Studios' artists step in. Compared to Queen Studios 1/1 scale collectibles. The 1/4 scale statues have more stringent requirements for painting.

The smaller scale of the statue means we have to use a more iterative process with more tweaks, changes and adjustments until we capture the finest of details. To get more precise colors, we must segment each peice to make sure colors don't overlap. If colors are not separated correctly, the right effect cannot be achieved, and this can be devastating to the final product, and we would have to start again from scratch.


Story Behind the Statue, Iron Spider 1/4 Statue Tom Holland Head Sculpt

The final 1/4 Iron Spider-Man statue from Queen Studios captures the young hero as we saw him in the final Avengers movie, Avengers Endgame. In this scene, we see Parker squatting after The Black Panther gave him Stark’s Infinity Gauntlet. Spidey activates Instant-Kill mode. His eyes light up red, and four mechanical legs sprawl from his back. Killing anything and everything that comes near him.

The suit is in the iconic Spidey red & blue, with gold trim. Finished with a pearlescent toner. The toner allows the paint's surface to react to light in the same way that metal does, resulting in a much more realstic piece.

We have taken a portion of the dark, jagged debris and rock from Engame. And used it for the base, creating a contrast to the elegance of Stark’s Creation.

There are three versions of this Iron Spider 1/4 statue:

  • Standard Edition: Incudes masked head sculpt with blue lens and red "instant-kill" mode lens. 
  • Premium Edition: Includes masked head sculpt with swith-out arm and Stark’s Infinity Gauntlet. 
  • Deluxe version. Includes all the above. And a Tom Holland Life-like head Sculpt for all you Peter Parker fans out there.



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