Iron Man MARK 85 1/2 Statue - Story Behind the Statue

Iron Man Mark 85 Story Behind the Statue

To coincide with the two-year anniversary of The Avengers: Endgame. Queen Studios has released the Iron Man MARK 85 1:2 scale full-body statue.

The crew from Endgame have released their ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos on social media, with Robert Downey Jr also tweeting his unedited final appearance of Iron Man. 

Now it is time to share the "behind-the-scenes" of the Iron Man Mark 85 and learn more about this incredible statue inspired by the movie that lives on in the hearts and minds of fans and collectors around the world. 

                        “I love you three thousand” – Tony’s daughter to Tony


Iron Man Mark 85 about the character

The MARK 85 is Stark’s ultimate form of the Iron Man Armor. Although this final sacrifice is an immensely sad event, it also signifies a turning point in the MCU. One where the old can rest and the new can preserve the peace across the universe. And the MARK85 demonstrates this idea. The armor is cutting edge. It has inherited technical achievements from its predecessors. The entire suit is made of nanoparticles. Allowing for easier repairs and fluid weaponry formations. If you remember the battle with Thanos during the events of Infinity Wars. You will remember seeing what these nanoparticle suits are capable of. Granted, the MARK 50’s technology is more primitive. The MARK 85's purpose is to destroy Thanos and his ruthless legion.

The structure of the MARK85 follows the same streamlined design as the MARK 50. Yet, the MARK 85 pays tribute to the classic form of the earlier Iron man design found in silver-age comics. The color is still the classic red & gold combination. But, the mechanical details are carbon grey. The biggest design difference between the MARK 50 and the MARK 85, is the latter has a significantly stronger and thicker helmet.


Iron Man MARK 85 Queen Studios

The MARK 85's nanotechnology forms a shield on the arm. This allows Stark to defend himself and others from enemies’ attacks. Again, earlier forms of this tech can be seen in Stark's first battle with Thanos. The MARK 50 uses nanotech to form a sword to strike Thanos. Thanos breaks off the sword and thrusts it through Stark’s torso. Then backhandedly comments on Stark’s genius. Like Stark’s sword, the MARK 85 shield begins to form at Iron Man’s wrist. Then projects a light blue energy field to protect whoever is behind it. 

The final major feature of Starks final armor is the multi-polar shock beam cannon, on the back of the suit. The shock-beam cannon, also labelled the ‘daisy’ cannon by the fans, is an integrated cannon. It opens a set of energy-absorbing panels on the back of the suit. As its nickname suggests, the panels resemble the petals of a flower.  Both the MARK 85 and the Pepper potts’ Rescue Armour use the ‘daisy’ cannons.  And absorb energy from thunder summoned by Thor. This is then converted into an awesome chest beam that nails Thanos mid battle.


Iron Man MARK 85 Concept Design

Queen Studios have before released several popular The Avengers: Endgame related statues & busts. Examples include The Iron Man Mark 85 1/1 bust, the Iron Spider-Man 1/4 full statue and the Black Panther 1:1 bust. But, with the demand from Iron Man collectors who collect other scales, such as 1/2, we new we had to create an iconic piece in this scale as well.

Today, our artists are excited to put this 1/2 variant of the MARK 85 into collectors’ hands. To recapture Iron Man's final battle. The team have based the statue and its base on the setting of Endgame’s Battle for Earth. 

Above we see the concept for our Iron Man statue, capturing the different elements from the movie.


Iron Man Mark 85 1:2 Scale Face Plate

Iron Man stands on debris. His right leg is bent forward, and his fists are clenched. His chest is aiming forward. The ‘daisy’ cannon is fully engaged, revealing its inner mechanics. The armor is heavily clad and the pose demonstrates the determination Stark personified in his final moments.

Every detail of this MARK 85 armor has been accounted for with incredible accuracy. In addition to the classic glowing reactor, the suit has several light-up points. Each highlighting the different parts of the MARK 85. The ‘daisy’ cannons are a great addition to the armor and can be detached from the main body. As a result, creating an entirely different statue.


Iron Man MARK 85 Queen Studios 3D model 1:2 Scale

To better express the unique image of the prototype. Queen Studios' 3D artists have optimized the various structures of the armor. The 3D designs allow the team to attach and detach the ‘daisy’ cannons. Which improves the performance of the final product, as any hiccups can be dealt with before production.


Iron Man Mark 85 1/2 Scale Statue Painting

The painting and production of each part requires 100% patience and care. This ensures the glossy metal, and the smoothness of the paint surface is flawless.

After the main body of the armor is covered with a base coat. A dark silver, sterling silver and gold paint are overlaid to create the metallic looking surface.

Once the silver panels dry, they are brushed with a few layers of bright silver paint. Finally, a few coats of red are applied, and then minor adjustments are made to achieve the metallic effect we see in the movie.

The full team at Queen Studios are happy with the final product and know you guys will love this piece in your collection. Make sure you check out our monthly Chronicle and other articles on our blog. And finally, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any new releases.


Iron Man Mark 85 1/2 Scale Statue Final Version

The finishing touchs have been completed on the Iron Man 85 1/2 statue and our team are pleased with the results. Pre-orders are now live. So, head over to our store and grab yourself an awesome collectable. This one is certainly a MCU landmark. 



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