Iron Man MARK 7 1/4 Statue - Story Behind the Statue

Iron Man Mark 7 1/4 Scale Story Behind The Statue
"The Mark VII is not ready to be deployed."
"Skip the spinning rims. We're on the clock."
J.A.R.V.I.S. and Tony Stark

The Story Behind the Statue series is a weekly, behind the scene look into the workings and processes of Queen Studios and our team. The purpose is to inspire artist and collectors alike. Bridging the ever shrinking gap between fans and our team.

The Iron Man Mark VII made its first appearance in Marvel Studios’ The Avengers. This suit is an evolutionary milestone. And uses technology that paved the way to some of the more successful armors used by Iron Man in the MCU. MARK 7 transformed Tony Stark’s superhero dynamic. The armor is usually summoned from a remote location and it forms itself around its user.


This is the seventh suit created by billionaire, philanthropist Tony Stark. It made its first appearance in the first Avengers movie and thereafter briefly used by Stark in Iron Man 3. The MARK 7 is a recurring part of the Queen studios' collection. Not only because the armour is a landmark in Stark's suit making capabilities. But because it's a fan favourite and loved by many.

The Two iconic weapons of this armor are the lasers on the back of the hands, and the cannons on its palms. The addition of the flaps on the back has made it so Stark can emergency brake at speeds of some 750mph. We see this in Iron Man’s first movie when he hits supersonic. All these features add up to create a flexible war machine. That has, as Stark puts it “successfully privatized world peace”.

To complement the MARK VII’s tracking missiles. Stark has upgraded the shoulder and leg equipment. The built-in anti-tank missiles are one of the few weaponry features that Stark retained from the suit’s predecessors. He has changed the laser power supply of the hand's canons and lasers. And they are now sourced from Stark's chest Ark reactor.

The MARK VII’s only shortcoming is that it does not have the capabilities for space flight. During the events of The Avengers, Tony briefly went into space, he fainted due to a brief lack of oxygen. This proved to be the suit Achilles heel.


This MARK 7 is the first product in the Iron Man 1/4 full-length portrait series. Designed by Queen Studios Art Director Oliver Liu. The products main inspiration is Marvel Studios’ Avengers. The statue base mimics the movie’s post-war ruins along with damaged side-walk debris. The statue's legs hold it to the debris. Iron Man is propelled backwards. As if he is stabilising after a knock. Iron Man’s stabilisers are located on the back of the suit and are deployed; he has everything under control. His Anti-armor projectiles engaged, and the pose indicates the battle has just begun.


The MARK 7 has a complex mechanical structure when compared to its predecessors. Queen Studios' production of the MARK 7 3D model requires a lot of referencing to the original suit. Even though Queen Studios in the past, we released similar Mark 7 products. This is because of the scale differences and we use a completely new pose. Compared against Queen Studios' MARK 7 1/1 bust. The production requirements for this 1/4 model are much more stringent as the scale 3/4 smaller. To ensure the degree of reduction, the design team have to optimise the finer details many times.  


For the painting, we use the same lacquer as the MARK 50 1/1 bust. The purpose is to match the color from the suit in the movie. In addition to the platform and the torso. Every aspect of the statue has been affected by the scaling down process. This process has added difficulty to the painting of finer details. Luckily, our experience in creating the Iron Spider 1/4 statue aided in solving these problems. The painting and production of each component required sufficient care and patience.

After the main body is covered. The painting team use silver as the background colour. Then, overlay and cover with the iconic Iron-Man red. Then further touch-ups, on the plates with gold. The head and body are painted at the same time. But after, the head needs to be removed and processed separately. The suits hands are small, making it difficult to paint the finer details. The painting of the ruins of the base is less toilsome to deal with. The trick is to distinguish the superimposed parts and paint from there.


 The overall process of this Iron Man Mark 7 1/4 statue has been a pleasant one. With the exception of the challenges faced during the rescaling, our artists have have enjoyed the majority of the process.

The feedback for the MK7 has been largely positive, but a few collectors have questioned the size of the base. We have collected all of this feedback, and passed it on to our artists. We won't make any further changes, as the 1/4 statue will be part of a series of classic Iron Man armours. 

With no further changes, we would like to introduce the Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 7 1/4 statue to you guys. Its a great addition to our ever growing MCU & Iron Man collection. And It will be the perfect piece for any Iron Man or statue collector.



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Post by Luke Wainhouse

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