Queen Studios 1/2 Iron Man Mark 7 Story Behind The Statue

Queen Studios Iron Man Story Behind The Statue

Created by billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark.  The Mark VII is the seventh suit of Iron Man armor. It made its first appearance in Marvel’s first Avengers movie. And because of its popularity, made a second appearance in the Third Iron Man movie. The suit built for heavy combat, utilizes a unique deployment method. This allows the suit to form around its user and turn itself into a large pod. When engaged and opened, it forms itself around Tony’s body, putting Tony inside the armour. The suit's deformation setting, and its classic design are just a few features that make the suit so popular.

In this post, we'll unpack the story behind the Queen Studios 1/2 Iron Man Mark 7 statue inspired by this unique armour, and give you a behind the scenes look at this incredible collectible! 


Iron Man Mark 7 Character

The Mark VII is a battle armour. Based on its predecessor, the Mark VI. But with a new deformation feature allows the wearer to engage with the suit in mid-air. The suit achieves this by locating two metal wristbands worn by Tony. When deployed as a pod, it finds Tony, scans his wristbands, confirming his identity. It then forms itself perfectly, around his body. Tony can deploy the suit without any external mechanical assistance. The suit is stored as a fully functional rocket pod. Much like the red suitcase we see in Iron Man 2. When Tony first asked his AI assistant, J.A.R.V.I.S to initiate the Mark VII. J.A.R.V.I.S reveals the suit is not ready for combat, Tony bypasses the warning in order to destroy Loki’s Chitauri Army. When deployed the suit automatically flies towards Tony at around 600mph. The 1:2 Mark7 from Queen Studios also retains the miniature missile device attached to the shoulders and legs, making it look more combative and dangerous.

Although the Mark VII is an early Iron Man suit of armour. Its performance is still outstanding when compared against other recent models. Mark VII has an array of weapons. An arc pulse gun (Mark I type), a cluster gun, micro armour-piercing shells, heavy artillery missiles, a laser guided tracking system, and many more formidable weapons improving the Mark VII armour’s performance tenfold.


Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 7 Statue

Mark VII is a classic Iron Man armour, so choosing the right pose was no easy feat. This 1:2 Mark VII Iron Man looks forward. His arms raised, his feet stand apart, his knees slightly bent, ready to fight. The miniature missiles above his shoulders and calves are exposed, and this makes Iron Man look heroic and invulnerable!


Inspiration Behind The Base

The design of the base was intended to be simple without too many complicated elements. The gravel and ground we choose is relatively simple. This was chosen to better bring out the characteristics of this Mark VII suit. The irregular shape of the base resembles a piece of ground from a battle scene, also suggesting war is coming.


Queen Studios MK7 3D design

There is little 3D rendered data available for the Mark VII. This complicated the 3D processing stage of our production. Our 3D artists went through many adjustments. They consulted a fair bit of data from videos and images. Optimizing and adjusting minor details again and again.

The most difficult challenge our design team faced was scaling. For example, because of conflicting data, we had to adjust the size of the Mark VII’s leg numerous times. Our team had to consider every minor detail. Details which are not noticed very often, such as the arc reactor and the minute missile on the back of Mark VII’s arms. All these complex facets lengthened the 3D modelling process drastically.


Work In Porgress Iron Man Mark 7

The 3D production and the painting process go hand in hand. Good painting will highlight the complexities of intricate 3D modelling. And good 3D sculpting will make paintwork stand out. Our painting team's greatest difficulty was finalizing the finish. Due to Marvel's in-house rules and regulations. They are not allowed to release any specific information. So, they cannot share the exact colour used for Iron Man’s armour. To the average moviegoer, slight differences in colour are not important. However, to a keen eye, the wrong shade would ruin a statue. At Queen Studios we mixed copious amounts of blends. To give you, what we think, is an honest portrayal of Mark VII’s “Rocket Car Red”.


Queen Studios Mark 7 Statue

The MK7 is Queen studios’ first 1:2 scale Iron Man statue. We will follow this with different other armours from the series of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armours. This instalment has gone through many adjustments and optimizations. From concept design to 3D production to painting production. We also shut down the project for a small amount of time, simply because the data was not available. But Finally, we have completed this awesome project. So, with all delays aside we are happy to bring you the 1:2 Iron Man Mark VII full-length statue.

We hope that you like the statue as much as we do, and we’re sure it’s take pride and place in your collection as a centrepiece for any Femme den or Mancave.



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Post by Luke Wainhouse


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