INART Gandalf The Grey 1/6 Collectible Figure Maintenance Guide

Click and discover how to maintain Gandalf The Grey 1/6 Collectible Figure step-by-step!

Following the release of the 1/6 scale Gandalf collectible figure by INART, the team have been answering questions from eager collectors on the best way to style and pose the figure. Although the final decision is up to you. We have put together a quick guide on some of the basic futzing that may be required.

In this post, you can see our video guide and some instructions below to make your Gandalf The Grey from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring looks tip-top!

Maintenance Guide Video:

Detailed Steps:

  1. Trousers Positioning:
    For an authentic look, ensure the trousers cover both the leg and the top of the shoes.


    1. Hair Styling:
    • The rooted hair headsculpt is pre-styled and protected in a special box.
    • For minor adjustments, use tweezers or a fine comb.
    • For stray strands, a small brush dipped in water. Gel also works wonders.


    1. Belt Adjustments: 
      Position the belt for desired elasticity and thread the buckle through the braided belt holes. Secure the position as you thread the belt through the waist bottom.


    1. Sword Securing: 
      Attach the scabbard through the three rings for a secure fit.


    1. Attaching Hands to Cloak:
    • Remove the hands first.
    • Slide thumbs into the robe’s sleeve holes.
    • Reattach hands to wrists after positioning.


    1. LED Light Activation:
    • Connect the LED to the gemstone's lower end.
    • After activation, insert it into the Moria Staff top space.
    • Note: Handle with care to avoid sticking.


    1. Displaying with the Pipe Staff:
    • Use tweezers to thread the staff's rope and secure it with a knot.
    • Choose gripped hands for staff insertion and adjust grip for the rope.


    1. Costume Care:
    • Dampen the costume evenly with a spray bottle.
    • Run your hand along the garment folds.
    • Let it air dry.
    • For the cloak, detach and reattach the head sculpt as needed.

    With these steps, you can ensure that your Gandalf the Grey figure remains in pristine condition, making it a centerpiece in your collection for years to come. Remember, proper care ensures longevity and value.


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    • jesus mendoza rodriguez

      Good, I would like them to put the ankle joints with locks, so you can put the figure standing with one leg raised and it would be more stable in extreme poses and also you wouldn’t need magnets on the base, I have several designs, keep it up you are magnificent .

    • jesus mendoza rodriguez

      me gustaria que hicieran las articulaciones del tobillo con trabas y asi no se necesitaria imanes en las bases ,yo tengo algunas ideas al respecto un saludo y seguir asi,soys los mejores

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