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Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 85 and Rescue Bust story behind the Statue

The Behind The Bust series is a chance for the Queen Studios team to give you a glimpse behind the curtain and learn more about the creative process that goes into making a collectible. 

In this post, you can learn about the Iron Man Mark 85 and Rescue busts. 

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Avengers: Endgame


Before we get started, as of internet etiquette, I must give a quick warning. There’s going to be some spoilers from Avengers Endgame. So, if you’ve been trekking through the Amazon for the past three years or on a ‘digital detox’ since 2019. Please perform a high precision backflip away from your device right away. Or check out another one of our posts.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers Endgame reveals two awesome never seen before Iron Man Armors. The first is the MK85, the 85th and final armour worn by Stark. The second is The Iron Man Armor: Mark XLIX (49), also known as the Rescue armour. It is worn by Stark’s Wife, Pepper Potts during the final battle of Endgame. To commemorate these awesome pieces of Armor. Queen Studios are excited to announce the release of their Iron Man MK85 & Rescue Armor 1/1 Life-size Busts.

2014's Thanos discovers that all the infinity stones are together, and are being used by the Avengers in 2019. Their plan is to undo the mess that Thanos’ (Future Thanos) future self has created. Thanos uses stolen Avengers’ technology. He transports himself and his army to 2019 to claim the unified Infinity Stones for himself.


Thanos Discovers the Time Heist

What Past Thanos doesn’t realize. On his arrival, he will be met by the full force of the Avengers and every MCU superhero. The Avengers initial plan worked. The Hulk used Stark’s Infinity gauntlet, snapped his fingers, and undone Thanos' handy work. He brought everyone back. But, it almost killed him. And now, the Avengers must stop Past Thanos from getting his hands on the Gauntlet. And at the same time rid the earth of Past Thanos’ army. And there isn’t another Hulk who can snap them out of existence.

Dr. Strange and his sidekicks teleport everyone and anyone who can help save earth to the battle. Even Potts gets her hands dirty; in her Rescue Armor. She fights side-by-side with her husband. Towards the end of the battle, Thanos defeats Captain America, Captain Marvel and Thor, and takes control of the Stones. Stark, in a final attempt to save tries to pry the gauntlet away from him but is met with a crippling blow. Thanos has won. He has the stones; he looks at Stark and utters the words “I am inevitable”. And snaps his finger. Nothing happens.


I am Iron Man Tony Stark

Stark winces as the nanotechnology in his suit morphs around the stones as they form to the back of his hand. He replies, “and I am Iron Man”. Stark snaps his fingers and the battle ends.

Stark is human, the chances of his survival are slim. In his final moments, we see him, and his suit fried, all the way up to his right arm, shoulder, and face. He has made the ultimate sacrifice, for the greater good. In his final moments both Peter Parker and Pepper console Tony as he dies. Potts tells Stark “We’re going to be okay. You can rest now”. This monumental finale has brought tears to the eyes of countless fans. As passionate fans of Iron Man, Queen Studios would like to commemorate such a profound event. Our team have created two 1/1 Life-size MK85 and Rescue Armor Busts to pay tribute to these awesome Marvel Superheroes.


Rescue Bust Helmet Queen Studios

Our team chose these characters as the two armours are a testament to Tony Stark’s talents. And because Pepper and Tony play important roles in the forming of the Avengers.

The MK49 and MK85 are milestones among Stark’s creations. The MK49 has a similar design to the MK85 and both are made from nanotechnology. Tony designed the MK49 before Infinity War, it was then crafted and hid in their garage. Only later to be found by their daughter Morgan. The MK49 has a HUD like the MK85, the HUD allows Potts and Stark to analyse their environment and target enemies. The armours’ weapon systems consist of hand and chest canons. but the MK85 is significantly stronger. The MK49 also includes its key identifiers, ‘0049’ and its purpose, ‘Rescue’ printed on its back panel.


Iron Man Mark 85 Pose

The Mark 85 and Rescue Armor don’t get much screen time in Endgame. Nonetheless the time they get, they don’t disappoint. Their capabilities are highlighted through their fighting of Thanos and his army. The MK85 is rigid and mechanical, contrasting the calm and introspective Tony. The MK49 armour first appeared in the comics in red and silver. The crew of Endgame decided to go against this colour scheme. They decided to use the Iron Man: Armored Adventure animated series as their point of reference. And chose the lavander blue on silver colouration. The Mark85's head is slightly raised to the upper left, a similar pose to Tony Stark in the movie poster. And the Rescue Armor bust has a similar pose facing rightwards


Iron Man Mark 85 Base Inspiration behind the Design

The base of both suits refers to the Armors’ waist design. Gold straps come from the centre of the MK85 base to connect the bust. While the MK49 base has the displacer sentries flanking on the left and right. Both bases use the colour and material of their accompanying bust.


Iron Man Mark 85 3D Design

The modelling is often the most important stage of the artistic process. It determines the form and most of the detail of the bust. The 3D modelling process for the MK85 and MK49 was not a smooth one. It took several adjustments and revisions. Likewise, Queen Studios had some setbacks with the Iron man Mark 50 bust. Which caused quality control issues for a handful of customers. To avoid this happening again. Queen Studios have now switched production to their own factory. Where they have much greater control over the whole process from start to finish. As mentioned, Queen Studios’ painters and design team are experts in their fields. So the new busts won't disappoint!


Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 85 Paintwork

Our artists are constantly correcting their painting process so that their work reflects that seen on the screen. The most difficult colour to replicate is the MK85’s gold. Compared to the MK50, the MK85 gold is much more sophisticated. The MK85 gold has a matt texture, this is difficult to replicate, as gold is not naturally matte. Not only does the colour have to be perfect. But the place where the colours meet must be perfect. This makes this stage for both 1/1 life-size busts the most time-consuming.

In our last Iron Man bust, the Iron Man Mark 50, we had a handful of complaints from collectors about the final paint quality. As you probably know, we take this feedback very seriously. We have since moved production of the Iron Man busts to our own workshops, where we can control the paint quality much better, and we can make sure that we're using the best equipment, paint and best practices. 


Rescue and Iron Man MK85 Busts

Queen Studios have coupled the MK49 and MK85 because Stark and Potts's relationship is the first to unfold in the MCU. The 1/1 life-size busts echo this relationship. The busts’ bases were modelled together making them perfect for collectors. Moreover, this is the first couple bust Queen Studios have created. It certainly won’t be their last.

Both have a reactor on their chest and come with light-emitting sections. This includes the eyes and parts surrounding the chest plate. When powered, they emit a light blue glow.


Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 85 1/1 Bust

 Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 49 Rescue bust

We know you'll love these busts as much as we do and they'll look great as a pair in your Mancave or Femdem. Order both today and get matching edition numbers! Click the buttons below to learn more.


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